Of silence

Where no ear is to hear, what makes them sound is silence.

Without an eye to see, what makes them image is invisible.

Without a mind to understand, what makes it know is ignorant.

You make sense of sensless world. A senseless world is what makes sense of you.

What makes you sane is of itself completely insane.

Of senseless insanity is sensible sanity.

Breaking down the building up

I have searched for 6 years to find what existing model of exogenisis, or initial state-ness of universe, might be similar to mine. There are actually a lot of ’em spread out over the surface of knowledge and speculation. One which I find interesting and compatible is Steinhardt and Turok’s take on a cyclic evolution. Before looking at their model, I’d like to stress that in my mind they are re-phrasing what is assumed to be the definite and absolute truth, and has been so for millennia. So I am not especially curious about how their, and similar, models will evolve theoretically, because I already know where they have to go. They must end up empty handed and with nothing but faith in the face of;
– Being
– Force
That is what Singularity is doing, and what follows is relativity. The scientific mind has never accepted that which is not caused by something else, and that’s as it should be. Science is about causality, or it cannot predict events and validate its ideas as being right or wrong. Since the authors are aiming at a possible truth that governs all the observational data, they will be ignored or ridiculed if they actually hack it. What is true cannot be disputed, and what is indisputable does not lend itself to any new hypothesis, and by that, any definite answer falls short of the requirements of scientific output; it does not generate any further questions and it cannot be falsified.

It is a technical paper to most people like me. I’m not educated in this level of math and physics, but I can read. I also can do logic and evaluate to some extent if a line of reasoning is coherent or self contradicting. I find this model very reasonable and coherent and I’m not about to find flaws and “wrongs”. What I’d like to do is to question where fundamental force is in this picture. You see, I’m not satisfied with notions of energy being force, and not with force as acting in-between branes or objects. The idea of anything in-between has plagued theory long enough methinks, and we always end up asking how that which is in-between x and y, and not part of x and/or y, can affect x and y at all. How does this force affect what it has no contact with? Logic has it that there must be connection to cause an effect, and nothing will happen for as long as a force is in-between. Likewise, if the force has contact with x and y, it is not in-between, but an aspect of a connective continuum. I suggest the latter is ultimately true for all of existence.

Some questions the advocates of this model need to answer is found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclic_model

 However, there remain major open issues in the model. Foremost among them is that colliding branes are not understood by string theorists, and nobody knows if the scale invariant spectrum will be destroyed by the big crunch. Moreover, as with cosmic inflation, while the general character of the forces (in the ekpyrotic scenario, a force between branes) required to create the vacuum fluctuations is known, there is no candidate from particle physics.

I will draw you a very simple image of the Singular evolution that answers most of the basic questions conceptually. The take away message I offer is this:

Force is fundamental and constant.
Force is of rotation, and rotation is what causes the effects of energy.
The branes are liquid-like drops of essential action, a perfect fluid if you will. Force of rotation will prevent any such drop from remaining in an energetic rest state.
Release of forced potential is what closes any gaps and in-betweens.
Force is a fundamental quality of the elementary units. In fact, it is the only fundamental quality.

The picture is at the top of the post obviously. I spent 30 min. on trying to get it where it should be, but enough is enough. I guess I’ll never be able to picture my ideas to make ’em look credible LOL. Here’s the excellent article:

The Cyclic Universe: An Informal Introduction

Authors: Paul J. Steinhardt, Neil Turok


I hope you will find that what they suggest is a dualistic image of my singular image. I have one brane/drop which self-collides as it is forced to Project an energized surface of 2D space from a dead sphere which is a zero degrees imaginary line/axis in the invisible form of a perfectly symmetric sphere of action. The zero point state is “the bottom of the hill” towards which every action in the classical world of broken singularity tends to go. We observe this tendency as surface tension, and a flow towards lowest energy state. What counters this flow and allows for spatial eccentricity/space is force of rotation. So when authors have two 3D branes collide to generate a novel 4:th dimension, I have one 3D sphere of one dimensional time only which translates itself to a 2D surface with 4 directions in space. That’s how I have my dimensions define:
Time is the vertical aspect of horizontal space. Space is always in 4 directions.
Time relates to the momentary contraction/eccentricity of space, and thus to its momentary level of energy.

Believe me, if you let this image affect your thinking of fundamentals, problems will start to dissolve, one by one. A lot of thrilling scenarios start popping up. A lot of todays impossible problems can be ticked off and put away.

Have fun with it. Any questions are more than welcome.
The image is totally useless if it is true, but this is not about utility. It is about that which does and utilizes its “us” so that it learns about itself.
We might not have a will on our own, but something bigger seems to have that.
What if the many neurons of the one body realized what they are and began working in an orchestrated way, instead of interfering and even killing each other. What could the one body do then?
Generate a Garden of Eden for those who cooperate and unify their actions?
I suspect that’s actually true, and what the narratives are all about.

My two cents here is to offer a fundamental force of rotation (of the chakras) so life is preserved eternally and for free. I also offer conservation of energy as in perfect equilibrium, but it will increase and decrease in relation to the overall flatness of space. The flatter space, the more energized. The more spherical, the less energized and dark it appears.



Far from equilibrium 

As a note to self; remember that energy as kinetic vs potential is always in equilibrium. Never forget that difference in energy requires a pair of fundamental units. Keep in mind what you found six years ago:

Parity/duality is what makes difference possible. Any unit on its own is oscillating between low energy and high energy. What causes the unit to fluctuate is force of rotation. 

Force is constant

Energy is variable

I remind myself of this after reading about J Englands latest findings. The study concludes that objective stability in space seems to require a local system that is far from equilibrium, and that it maintains momentary kinetic stability by absorbing kinetic momentum from its environment. 

Sounds a lot like how elements of the periodic table is assumed to form inside the EM of stars. Pressure and absorption might be same action. I suspect it is an effect of matching geometry, angles and frequencies. 

So some have said over and over again; the Light of this world offer its body so that we can have life eternal. I am not done with figuering out ”eternity”. Its a tricky concept in relativity/duality. But I no longer doubt that EM/Light is the cornerstone in every object, matter and complex body of multiple bodies. You can call it Jesus or electromagnetism or photonic force. Its from dividing The Singularity, whether you like it or not. 

And The God of Singularity has the monopole. The monopole is of life and death. If you want to get far from equilibrium, try oscillating between life and death. 

Now you know why every thing comes around and goes around. Now you know why every thing, including you, is a limb of the One Body. Now you know why time is getting short and all the darker. 

Light goes to objects and objects go together as they ”gravitate”. The increasing equilibrium of dark stuff is relative and momentary. It will turn out alive and a light. It always does. Black Hole mergers and gamma jets tells us of a next initial state. It is cooling down and heating up. 

Revelations revised. To be continued. Im just making this up after tearing it all down. 


The seeing of It

If you are blind

You cannot see it

If you have clear vision

You cannot see it

Blindness or sight is not the issue

The issue is you

All of you

If You cannot see it

It is seeing Itself


All I am constructing is the method of destruction. 

All I am generating is how to degenerate. 

All I am saying is how to keep silence. 

All I am offering is a way to take it all back. 

All I am enlightening is grey shades of darkness. 

All I am is all I am not. 

A theory of Everything is the practice of Nothing. 

The beginning is near

Elementary particles are not stuffy objects like cars or baseballs. It is not stupid to believe that. Most prominent scientists do. They believe neutrinos are tiny little things that travel through space at close to light speed. 

Billions of them, right through your body, 24/7. In what direction is less clear. But….vrooom…sort of. 

I never believed that. Not really. Now I know why. 

Mass but tiny charge means dense. Dense means less eccentric. Less eccentric means less spacious. Less space means “The Darker Stuff”. Dark Stuff means pretty inert and stuck in a relative “place”.

They do not speed through the universe. They are everywhere and they are close to becoming the tiniest little black holes. 

When the world comes back home to the Parent Singularity, it will do so at incredible pace. If you choose to call that parent God, then God is not only near but everywhere. And S/He is calling at high frequency. If you prefer to say Black Hole Singularity, its offspring is the abundance of neutrinos, holding the more eccentric children in place. 

That will be one place eventually. One place of zero space. 

A massive end is the massive beginning. By force of rotation it will always Turn Outwards to break out as relative spaces. The empirical universe of electric fields. 

Light out of compression

I am still amazed by the many conclusions that keeps popping up because of my original image/idea/fantasy/hypothesis. Yesterday the lights went out. All of them. Light as such was tuned down halfway to pitch black. 

The grey “sphere singularity Godlike zero point” of Universal becoming does not translate to a white hole/black hole 2D disc with grey at half the charge radius. 

It just grows darker around the axis of rotation, so the original grey is gradually extended with the stretching out of its equator. Fully phased out to flat disc, the horizon is just as grey as its origin. Only this time it is flat out charge around a center of compression. There is only charge in empirical reality. 

What makes “light” aka Electromagnetism is the parity of two such grey horizons/orbits. 

God just changes face when smeared out/anointed as the Light of the World. 

Aliveness transformed

Life is motion. All is essentially alive. Only from the narrow and relative perspective of human body is there dead material and living organisms. Getting to know physical matters better, we find it is of profound motion. Not in any way “dead” or “still”. 

The extremes of motion in matter are black pressure and white ex-pression. That is the dual nature of 2D space surfaces. In balance and without polarization, physical matter is grey. Not compressed, nor extended. That is the quantum greyscale of a single body. 

But empirical reality as known is of many bodies. So instead of greyscale there is the electromagnetic spectrum of colours. Where one body is perfectly polarized, two bodies are relatively so. Ellipsoids are in the colours of the rainbow. 

In balance and relative to itself, physical matters are green. 

Life and Death are of the same. One is of two lovers and close relatives. The one we fear as “death” is the lonely, single One. The absolute fact of relative observers. 

Genesis in reverse

Today this though:

Prince Sakyamuni’s Enlightenment is the story of Genesis, in reverse. Or perhaps the Biblical tale of creation is the sequel to the story of how The Exalted One reached Awakening to Buddhanature. 

Genesis tells of The Invisible and Unknowable One, creating all things in existence. Its image is of 1 from 0. 

Enlightenment tells of the Exalted and very much existing human Prince, erasing one thing from existence. Its the image of 0 from 1.

Genesis builds on the actions that generate. Enlightenment builds on the stillness that degenerates. 

Genesis is of the projection. 

Enlightenment of its conjection. 

What great stories they are. How precise and to the point. 

The death of Ego to know Immortality. The dying Lord of Light and the Enlightenment of the royal flesh. 

Phase inversions, again. 

Singularity, again. 

With a little help from Pythagoras

One way of converting 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 is to put Pythagoras theorem in a sphere and let it spin. Goes like this:

a^2 + b^=c^
Let a be the axis of the sphere, and b the radius.
Let axis a be a vertical 1 and b the 0 horizon.
Let a decrease from 1 to 0 Let b increase from 0 to 1

1^2+0^2           =1               sqrt(1) = 1
-.75^2+.25^2   =-.5             sqrt(-.5) = 0.7071067811865475i
-.5^2+.5^2       =0                sqrt(0) = 0
-.25^2+.75^2   =.5              sqrt(.5) = 0.7071067811865475
0^1+1^2          =1                sqrt(1) = 1

So what’s so special with this sequence? Well, what’s special to me might be irrelevant to you so it’s your call really. To me it says:
Imaginary/Invisible spherical equilibrium of 1
is less invisible as the 1 imaginary axis is compressed to -.75 by horizontal tension
and when axial compression -.5 equals horizontal ex-tension .5, there is energized equilibrium which increases in empirical visibility
to the extent where 0 imaginary aspect is to be found at horizon 1.

…and by this, we have generated a real plane out of an imaginary sphere, so 1i has translated itself to a real 1. As I have suggested in other posts, this is not some end state of the function. Axial compression, all the way to 0 “length” does not imply there is something lost of the unit. Spatial length is only horizontal, not vertical. We can assign “gravitational potential” to the axis and know that it is 0 at the moment of sphere, and 1 at the moment of disc.
That being potentially so, the above sequence will invert at c^2 = real 1, and the functional unit will then become increasingly smaller and de-charged. That is how reality is quantized by self-generated “gravity”.

I can also see that there are two distinct forms of equilibrium. The conventional equilibrium would be at -.5^2+.5^2=0. That is, when kinetic energy .5 equals potential energy -.5. This is the equilibrium in the classical world. But the classical world is not of a single unit as in this case. The classical world is of parity, and in a many body system, one thing absolute is, by definition, everything relative. So the other equilibrium, and in my opinion the far more interesting one, is the spherical one where there is no energy at all. This is a grey state of neither extension, nor compression. It is essentially dead to the empirical world of observation. This is when 1 is a purely imaginary 1i. In relation to the mod4 of imaginary numbers we can see that whenever i is raised to the power of even numbers e.g. -4, -2, 0, 2, 4 etc, it equals 1 or -1, but raised to odd numbers e.g. -3, -1, 1, 3 etc, it equals i or –i.
So how come the real power of the imaginary part rise only to the power of equals? Well, if my model is correct, it has to be so on the most fundamental level of single quantum mechanics/functions/operations. That is because any instance of kinetic charge has at its (invisible) center an equal amount of compression. So the power of 2 comes hand in hand in any realized, empirically detectable object. That is not to say there is no power of oddities, because obviously there is . Point is that such powers are of relatives and not absolutes, so instead of 1 or -1 we get i or -i. It is real values for sure, but they do not belong to a specific unit that can be empirically defined. It is more like “field” values.

Anyways, that’s what I find tasty food for thought because it plays very well with my imagination. But others work with other ideas, and perhaps you will find other valuables than I do.

Since the number 0.7071067811865475 turned up, both as i when function is ¼ real and as real when function is ¼ imaginary, I googled it and found something slightly interesting, even for someone who knows next to nothing about math.

For an example of an operator that throws its basis Kets into superpositions, here’s a function emulating a Hadamard operator:

julia> @def_op ” h | n > = 1/√2 * ( | 0 > + (-1)^n *| 1 > )”

h (generic function with 1 methods)


julia> d” h * | 0 > ”

Ket{KroneckerDelta,1,Float64} with 2 state(s):

0.7071067811865475 | 0

0.7071067811865475 | 1


julia> d” h * | 1 > ”

Ket{KroneckerDelta,1,Float64} with 2 state(s):

0.7071067811865475 | 0 ⟩

-0.7071067811865475 | 1 ⟩


Make of it what you will. There is something of importance going on there.
That’s what I think.