The reality of fictitious force

Trying to make sense of reality is not easy for as long as we have faith in fiction and fantasy. One such fantasy is the belief in an observer as who controls variables. It is believed that if we freeze the observer and the background, then we will know the motion/change of an object X. One way to freeze observer/background is to know the nature of both, so if a background factor, for example “spacetime”, is assumed to affect X, the the observer/scientist will adjust its observation accordingly. In doing so, observer and background are known and controlled so observational data will be of object only. The idea is that the inherent property of X should not be confused with properties of background and observer.

Albeit a requirement for scientific method to be practiced, I claim it to be a useful fiction which obscures the nature of reality. We seem to agree that reality is never totally still, but always in various degrees of change. Look at the image below and imagine none of the 3 parts to be still. In the upper inertial frame, the red observer/dot is not fixed to the rotation of the background disc. How the red dot moves, we don’t know, but it is not glued to the motion of background more than the black dot/object is. If the red observer manages to keep a fixed position, the black object will hit it straight in the face. It is funny to imagine an observation to happen that way. Perhaps it does?


By Hubi, German wikipedia.



The lower non-inertial frame is how our human mind, as observers, responds to the scenario. This is how X appears when assuming observer and background to be controlled for. Most likely, this controlling is not only done explicitly is experimental settings, but by default in all “mental” settings. My guess is that psychophysics can answer how this is automated in sensory perception. But I’m looking at reality as it is, without anyone looking at it, so the upper frame is closer to reality, unrelated to the eyes of an observer mind.

For now, I’d just like to correct the misinterpretation of Coriolis and centrifugal as fictitious forces. They are apperances of the singular force there is – Gravity.
Gravity is contractive and rotational. There is no other force, only effects e.g. spin, charge, mass, trajectories, kinetic/potential energy, radiance, space, velocity, exponential growth, uncertainty, particles, time, geometries ad infinitum. All there is comes from rotational gravity.

A way of looking at the discs, behind their apperance to an observer, is to imagine the disc to be either black or empty of objects/parts. It is a rotating singularity that contracts. After 1/4 turn (90 degrees), there is a perturbation of the rotating gravity. That would be a bump on the disc at 6 o’clock as the black object hits the perimeter. Unfortunate for us, the singularity as a “simple system for which a mathematical solution is known” is also an essential singularity which is “especially unmanageable”. So this perturbation is hard to describe by theories of perturbation.

What we see is basically “nothing” as the fundamental cause of “everything”. The singularity does not communicate with observation, because it is causal. As causal, it cannot be affected. A fundamental cause is by definition unaffected by context. Instead it is the cause of context. From this position, it makes perfect sense to say it is mathematically “unmanageable”. It is also reasonable to believe gravity itself to remain the chief hidden variable.

What we do see is how these “bumps” in discrete singularities of rotational gravity generates “waves” along the edges/horizon. There will be vibrations of certain wavelengths, generated at certain frequencies. These vibrations are what we experience as “energy”. This energy is Everything.
This is my theory of it.


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