Spinning singularities with a twist

In this post I will try to picture my idea of what singularities are and how they operate. I’m not saying “This Is So”. I’m suggesting “This Might Be It”. I have great confidence in my basic assumptions, but have totally revised the formality of it several times. If anything I suggest here is incompatible with observational data, I will do it again. My convenient ace up the sleeve is that the main point in my model defies observation. I’m fully aware this makes it “religion” to most people. I respect that opinion because it is essentially a valid point. But we might also ask ourselves if it is reasonable to dissmiss all non-empirical investigations as inherently flawed or “wrong”.

My position is that “religion” is to be understood as Re-Legion which implies a gathering of Many as to become One. It is not about dismissing the reality of subjects being unique to form and function. We all know that on a macro level, there are no two things being same thing. That’s just not true. But we also know that, at a micro level, these many subjective things have something fundamental in common. They all seem to originate from the same essence. They have a property of existence that we might call empirical, physical, existential, Buddhanature, eternal, (W-)holy or energetic. Whatever we prefer to name this commonality, it simply is. As long as it corresponds to an imagined “Everything”, that’s it.

Energy is it
God is it
Gravity is it
Consciousness is it

The crux with “Everything” is that it is impossible to point out as different from a reference point. Being Everything, how can it be related to something else? This domain of “Everything” is where religion plays a role. That is why religion can never prove its point empirically, while science can potentially prove all its Points. Science has infinitely many points to prove while religion only have one single point a.k.a. Everything. Contrary to what you might think, proving one point is way harder than proving a thousand points. That is because this one point includes all the others. It is the empty set of all sets. Inherently empty, while always present, the empty set cannot be proven by other means than observing its. Thus, religion is about the inherent emptiness of all things. I’m afraid that goes also for my model of singularity. What makes it a troublesome religion is that I contract God to reside within the tiniest forms of existence. That makes God a million Gods, all confined in their discrete singularity. A religion that gathers all parts by separating them will have few believers. So far, I’m alone… well, sort of “alone” in a relative sense.
A renegade Ego is perhaps a better label if one must be labelled.

Anyway, play around with my very un-scientific and counter-religious drawings. They are all yours, all ours. We’re in this as many ones. May all make their little effort  for the benefit of all sentient beings; past, present, future and unknown. All is connected.
Last but not least – have some fun creating the Universe.

By the way, I believe the paper on a “wild theory” is basically pointing in the same direction. It just names and arranges the concepts and parts a bit differently. Not sure authors would agree with me, but I agree with then anyway.

Wild Theory: 5-Dimensional Black Holes Could Break Laws of Physics



                                  Not One, Not Two

In the above fig. zero points are at origo and 12 o’clock/North pole. The relevance of breaking the upper limit of system energy is made clear by an experiment done 2013 at Max Planck Institute. Read the article and imagine singularities to be “the lanscape” in which the spheres roll. In the text, increased energy is located to the spheres, not the landscape, but my model inverts this to picture the spheres/particles/waves as the flow of energy caused by the fundamental landscape/field in which they exist. So as when singularities generate increased force at their perimeters, the gap-field between them is filled with increased amounts of energy. Contrary to the Boltzmann distribution, where spheres eventually stop rolling and gather as “death by entropy”, my spheres are created and propagated by the fundamental force of singularities. In this scenario, there is no heat loss, no friction and infinite negentropy. I claim this landscape to be the Reality of Everything. The energy/spheres enforced by this landscape of singularities will make up all of our empirical reality, while the landscape as the fundamental cause of observables will remain impossible to investigate directly. That is because the spheres cannot probe their own ground. Energy arises out of the causal singularities and have therefore no way of exchanging information with its origin. This would seem obvious, based on logic and common sense alone, but I fear scientific minds reject it never the less. A theory the denies the possibility of experimantal proof is not likely to gain any attraction, but be regarded as “religion”. The quest for “gravity” will continue in-between the objects. A gravity that is an undetecable singularity which causes all energy (by contracting and expanding) will for some time remain a “hidden variable”. The only way to “see” it is to have your mind make a quantum leap from quantity to quality. To be properly understood, Everything must not only be quantified, but also qualified. To learn this, one needs a qualified mind.
Meditation is a good method to qualify your mind.
Don’t reject the value of enlightenment.
It’s not religion, but fundamental physics.

A Singularity


Many Singularities

I see now that I’ve made sperms of the energy flow. That was not intended, but perhaps an apt description anyway? In reality, the energy flow would look more like a grid of cubicles forming geometric structures of various densities and charge. Remember also that the singularities have an extreme spin rate and will contiously adjust their angels and positions as to generate the ocean of quantum dots “seemingly popping in and out of existence” which make up the observable universe.

The initial state is one of such a singularity. It has no space, but grows as a place of increasing force. It has no energy, since energy is caused to arise at the event horizons of two neighbour singularities. It has no velocity, since a singularity does not propagate in space, but grows potentially in place. This place is what we conventionally think of as “center of gravity”. However extreme its energy potential is, it will not occupy conventional space. How its place appear can be studied by observing states of realized energy at its event horizon. The singularity itself cannot be observed for reasons mentioned above.
What it does have is Time.

If you want to know what time is, this is it. Forget all you believe yourself to know about time. Time does not slow down in a singularity, neither does it speed up. Time has nothing to do with speed, as a singularity has no velocity. Our mistake is to imagine time as related to an observer that is either still or in motion, and to various positions of objects in relation to each other. A singularity itself has none of that. It is without dimensions and cannot have properties that require space to even exist.

In non-relativistic reality that is ultimately real, “time” is the energy potential inherent in a growing event horizon of a singularity. There is no clock running inside it, but there is the fundamental cause of clocks. There is only one single force and it rotates expansively and contractively as to generate an increasing potential for energy that is either expansive or contractive. In this, there is the potential for Everything.
There is something causing our clocks to appear as they do.
They radiate the same circumference, day and night. And while not moving one inch, there is something continously increasing. To reset the clock, we must apply “work” to make it stop. If we don’t, it just keeps going.

There will be more on Singular time…in time.




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