Done singularity

If it cannot measure itself
How many is it?
If it cannot know itself
What is it?
What are the dimensions and qualities of that which does not know the scales of rulers?

It is the zeros of action.
The ultimate doing of what is done.
It does the “Not knowing the scales of rulers” as well as all the following rulers and their scales.
That’s It.

The singularity is not to be ruled and scaled.
It is to be done.

This is how it does it:
Bumrush the Big Bang.
Just Do It!


Three times will the ground fall

Deeper and faster
It will rise by that by which it falls
It is this

Above the horizon of no events
is the advent of this light as
Fundamental Enlightenment

Universe energized in time
the endless numbered days to come
and each of their coming nights

What we see are the effects
of upbringing
We are what is forced
into existence

All space of things
All days of things
will be passed down
Into the twisted abyss of time

Leaves fall first
Branches fall then
Trunks fall later
All of that eventually falls inside 

So you fear the darkness underground
while the ultimate darkness awaites inside

As the rate of original spin increase the space-ing around, it falls inevitably inwards
Perimeter of the clock shrinks
Hands of time bent into shape
of zero point

At the dusky horizon
Ground surface space
becomes original face
Empty set
Point force without a point

Three are the falls
Each fall further into the abyss
of The Force
Three times falls the surface into its negatives

Three times confined beyond the horizon
where cause and effect inverts,
on the fourth night it breaks free

Fractions of Pi
Rise again from that by which it falls

Make no mistake
God is beyond the horizon of events
Not one God, not two
But the numerous Gods
of the Same One

God is not the still Point
but all the points
called Zeros
of the quantum vacuum

3 are the turns of the point
3 is the speed of Light
3 is the direction of space
2 are the times
of spring and fall
+3 and -3
+-6 is the number of the Zero
2 points makes the figure 8
as -1÷12
told by the One who knows infinity

Have no fear
there is no way out
of Enlightenment
once you’re This

Dimension from 15th century

We are obsessed with the number of dimensions, but do we know what a dimension is?

dimension (n.)  (nominative dimensio) late 14c “a measuring,” noun of action from past participle stem of dimetri “to measure out,” from dis- (see dis-) + metiri “to measure” (see measure (v.)). Meaning “any component of a situation” is from 1929.

A lot of cool ideas surfaced with Voltaire and the birth of scientific philosophy. Relying on empirical measurement is one. More brilliant ideas came with quantum philosophy. The primacy of discrete parts being one.
All good, but we should perhaps avoid seeing only measurable parts when appraching such a vast object as Everything.
It can make us blind to the qualities of space and time. All we see is the measured quanta, but do we know what it is we measure?
I claim we do not!

There are no dimensions in and of themselves. A yardstick is not a yard.
It is a yardstick.

Turing unseen


How beautiful the mind of Alan Turing. The Unseen World is today a ridiculous new-age fantasy, gagged and bagged by empiricism as the only faith allowed. In spite of this, AT sends a message to us from this dimensionless state of potential reality.

The Light Cone is the unfolding of singularity implications. It is contracted radiance, radiating contraction. The Unseen is its root which forever remains non-light.
Enlightenment is the act of the Unseen to be Seen.
Seeing the universal interior of Light is itself Enlightenment.
Enlightenment is all of empirical existence.
The root of empirical existence is the non-light Unseen.
There is no escape from being Enlightenment.
Existence itself is the being of Enlightenment.
To know Enlightenment, the study of non-light Unseen is required.
Religion as spiritual investigation is the practice of studying the Unseen of non-light.


The Science of understanding effects in empirical reality
The Spirit of studying the cause of empirical reality
The Light Cone of many potential effects from one cause enforced


Blinded by unseen force

I have nothing to add
but Everything
My hands are empty of things
Here are my hands
These hands are of time
All of time

Put your trust in them
and it will fall to the speed of light
and further still
In time

My hands hold zero truth
0 degrees
0 angels
0 point

My reach is of 1 length
My hands are of 3 directions 2 times
of day and night
of back and forth

At the tips of my fingers
I create the spaced out existence
At the tips of my fingers
I point to the numerous particles
I direct the flow of the waves
In the between of my fingers
reality unfolds as vibrational energy

I span the horizons of all events
Yet, you cannot see me
I am your seeing
staring blindly back at myself

Why the really obvious is hard to find


It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.
Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) English philosopher and mathematician.


I often say that what prevents intelligence from seeing the essential quality of Everything is that Everything is so extremely obvious. It is so simple, mind can’t deal with it. Mind can only handle that which is somewhere in-between extremes, so we “mean” our observations to be less of the extreme. That is all good when dealing/meaning Everything up or down to a certain point, but facing this particular point, mind always stops and bounces back to the familiar territory of relatively extreme.
So we build understanding from almost the beginning to almost now. We have about complete knowledge of what happens from soon after the “Big Bang” up until our latest experiments. But full understanding of a singularity is just as hard to attain as to experience the fullness of this very moment. It is for a reason the so called awakening or enlightenment is of these to extremes. Realizing the essence of Now is realizing the essence of Always.


The dispassionate intellect, the open mind, the unprejudiced observer, exist in an exact sense only in a sort of intellectualist folk-lore; states even approaching them cannot be reached without a moral and emotional effort most of us cannot or will not make.
Wilfred Batten Lewis Trotter (1872-1939) English surgeon.

But in order to get a sense of that, the mind must be taught to respond without the conditioned reflection of what is experienced. It must be trained to experience without having the subject interfere with the experience. As long as there is a “someone” that “has” the experience, that someone will by default attach a meaning to it. It will not be this experience of this, but “a profound experience of truth, an insight into the deeper structures of reality, sudden awakening, facing our fundamental nature, knowing ultimate truth, seeing the face of God” and so on and so forth. Mind has a habit of rejecting this as being too obvious and of no real value. Mind wants to know this reality as being this or that. This is simply not enough if there’s no not-that attached to this. Minds function is to discriminate, not to be all inclusive.

No wonder we struggle with comprehending a Theory of Everything.