Turing unseen


How beautiful the mind of Alan Turing. The Unseen World is today a ridiculous new-age fantasy, gagged and bagged by empiricism as the only faith allowed. In spite of this, AT sends a message to us from this dimensionless state of potential reality.

The Light Cone is the unfolding of singularity implications. It is contracted radiance, radiating contraction. The Unseen is its root which forever remains non-light.
Enlightenment is the act of the Unseen to be Seen.
Seeing the universal interior of Light is itself Enlightenment.
Enlightenment is all of empirical existence.
The root of empirical existence is the non-light Unseen.
There is no escape from being Enlightenment.
Existence itself is the being of Enlightenment.
To know Enlightenment, the study of non-light Unseen is required.
Religion as spiritual investigation is the practice of studying the Unseen of non-light.


The Science of understanding effects in empirical reality
The Spirit of studying the cause of empirical reality
The Light Cone of many potential effects from one cause enforced



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