The Sweet Spot of Mind

Everything we know of Everything is backwards.
We believe the observable Newtonian reality to be non-relativistic and 
We believe the quantum reality to be relativistic and unpredictable.
Sorry for spoiling your weekend, but you are looking at it without seeing it.

But if you’ve played golf, you know that a swing which consistently generates a socket (hitting bottom of shaft so ball goes out the window) is extremely valuable. To always hit the perfect sweet spot, you just have to correct your stance a little bit.
Consistency is the Holy Grail, not the apperance of actual motion.

I aim at the fundamental stance in relation to Everything. Not at a theory to appear valid or credible. I don’t shoot shots. I make the effort of keeping it simple and repeatedly consistent. As in meditation, so in theory.
Do it consistently and your head eventually begins to spin.
Let it spin faster and faster, and there will be light on the count to 3.
From there, you can wrap your head around Everything without having to do it. It just happens.

That perspective is the sweet spot of mind.


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