Critical density is given

As an aside, I am looking at the Omega number 3H2/8πG = 5 × 10-30 grams cm-3 (3 hydrogen atoms per cubic meter). This means that for our observed universe, as we imagine ourselves to know it, there needs to be an average of 3 Hydrogen atoms in a cubic meter chunk of space. If there’s less, the universe will dissolve by thinning out. If there is more it will implode in a big crunch.

To understand the equation we need to revise it some.

1 atom of Hydrogen equals 24 so 3 Hydrogen times is 72 as in 3 Days.
Pi is 3 as in 3 directions.
G is 6 as in half the value of Dirac’s quantized singularity of +-12.

72/144= 0.5

By this correction we get 1/2 contraction instead of the wierd 0000000000000000000000000000005 grams of contraction.

We can now make sense of universal density by knowing that expansion comes from equal parts contraction and extension. Omega is 1 because
.5 contraction + .5 extension generates 1 Absolute Omega.

This is more informative than setting omega to 3 Hydrogen atoms per m3. But to make sense, we must understand the nature of the dual phased singularity as a real Dirac Delta Function. This function is believed to blow up to “infinity” at its zero, but that’s a misconception. There is no such value as “infinity”. Infinity is prediction of an process that will keep on keeping on. If we define infinity like that, it is true that the Dirac Delta goes on infinitely as an operational function.
Why the Dirac Delta breaks down, collapses at its zero will be explained later. So does essential singularities. For now, let’s celebrate the fact that universe is a perpetual growth machine. Global growth comes from local contraction of zero point singularities as described by Dirac 1931.
Since global expansion is caused by local contractions, the two are inevitably proportional.

In time, I will also show why a Hydrogen atom is “24” times and why Pi is “3” space. It’s basically from assuming that a singularity has no fractions and that the numbers have nothing to do with quantities. There are no dimensions in a singular point so there’s no things to count as 1 or 2. There is just what generates dimensions/measurables as a generalized product of a particular function.

No, current laws of conservation does not allow for us to makes sense of reality.
Conservation is a symmetry that needs to be broken out of.
Traits of singularity does that. In my head I see how it is done. But I need to know advaced hydrodynamics to get it out. I don’t know that, just as hydrodynamics don’t know what is in my head.

Edit: It is cyclic, not infinitely growing in space. I was contradicting myself. Infinity is the wrong concept. It is eternally cycling through phases of density. If it starts equally contractive and extensive, it will of course come back to that.

And again. …


 The Dice are God 

Most people know about Albert Einstein saying God doesn’t play dice. He was not comfortable with the quantum mechanical concepts of uncertainty and superposition of infinite states in one state. He probably sensed there is some kind of order that operates behind the rather mystical quantum scene. That seems reasonable to me, so I agree with AE.

But the quote begs for a definition of God, Play and Dice. Since everyone has that, so have I.

God is the  quality of unification where 2 opposites are to work as 1. God is the act of making of 1 from 2 halves. God is not the quantity of 1, as in “There is only one God”, but the quality of creating 1 light out of 2 actions.

Play is the action of the God quality. When God plays, opposites are unified as to become One. 

Die is the operator which plays out the quality of God. Since God is not one single operator but a quality, there can be many Dice.

Before dismissing Dice as the actual operators/entities, study the etymology carefully. It is said that a Die is a player that either gives or takes. Keep that in mind.

So we can turn the statement 180 degrees and make it positive.

Dice do play God!

 Now we just have to find these dice so we can shout both Heureka and Halleluja. One for science and One for theology. Too bad for me, no one wants to find the dice playing the Godlike hymn of creation from unification. 

The believers in the Number 1 God needs a father above who looks like Santa and is all giving. They will laugh at the idea of God being not like a bearded super(hu)man. They will scream blasphemy at my killing their precious Number One. They believe man as the image of God means he has arms and legs. They will defend their quantified God as 1, and Gods qualities as so supernatural a simple human mind can never understand.

The believers in empirical science will never accept anything that cannot be controlled in an experimental setting. They will also fire all their guns at whoever makes a sound which doesn’t resonate with scientific method and empirical evidence. They would accept the dice only if they could be pinned down and shown as separate from their environment. Science only deals with objects that can be defined as X or Y. If there’s an XY detected, science throw all its money at attempting to split the unit. If that doesn’t work, they might call it “a statistical probability” of being X or Y. But a die that is defined as being both will not be cause for celebration. Physics has enough trouble with uncertainty as it is….a century later.

Only the monopole can break the monopole. Man cannot break the making of Everything in two. It’s not really dice being played.

It is monopoly. 

Truth vs. Fiction

Here’s how you know truth and reality:

Whatever you come up with, it’s not that.

Whatever comes up, that’s it.

Actually, it’s not more complicated that that. Now, is that true or not?

Awake or Asleep 

If you are not ready to wake up, you are forced to remain asleep. There’s no doing anything about it. If I would scream at you “WAKE UP”, you would say I’m just living a bad dream. You’d tell me to go find help and not to bother you with my personal nightmare. 

If you really want to know if there is more than one way to experience, there is an abundance of pointers and guides. And then you will find them for yourself.

I sometimes forget that and try telling people that have not explicitly asked me: There is your experience as had by a particular person which is You. Then there is experience as it is, without attaching a particular person to it. It is experience of You, which is different from Your experience. No drugs involved or needed.

If you are open to that possibility, you can eventually know your self as both awake and asleep. If not, you are bound to a separate self only. You will live as if dying. You will wake up and fall asleep, not knowing what’s going on.

To me and you, this is deluded bullshit. To not me and you, it is how This object is gradually becoming aware of itself.  It has the multiple me’s and you’s to accomplish this.