The point of reversals

Here’s an idea of the point/meaning of spacetime. It is the same point really, but is has two faces/phases, and we can only see one of them. We can see “space” by looking at real stuff. We might think that the stuff we see is moving about “in” space, as if there was some thing like space that could have stuff in it. That’s because we forget, or choose not to acknowledge, that “dimension” means “measurement”. So it is kind of missing the point to keep measuring a measurement. What we are doing is of course measuring/dimesioning the stuff that has the quality of extension.
It is the objects that have space, not space that has objects.

Anyways, the very scientific and artsy image is of something we can call “zero point”. That term is already occupied with meaning and misconceptions, so it is not that zero point. Don’t google “zero point” whatever you do. And if you already have, forget it. This is, as of today, the enigmatic Monopole. But it is also singularity, the cosmic string, charge, spacetime, entanglement, time reversal, Speed of Light, wavelength/frequency, matter/antimatter and ….you.  But to get “you” and all other real stuff, we must have more than one single point. Everything real is combinations of many points sharing their wavelengths. That sharing is the so called unified field of empirical reality. In this One entangeled field, you will never find One single point. We can never find a monopole or a singularity, because they always come in at least a pair, possibly as “photons”. String theory’s one cosmic string is essentially a circular extension of a prime monopole/singularity that breaks by internal oscillations and becomes 2 monopoles extensions. There’s IMO only one instance when all points are unified into One Single Point.
You’ve guessed it, the initial unknown before the “Big Bang”. But that story is for later. Today we live in a reality where the many spinning zeros make an awesome flow of forward charge.

The image below is just food for thought. Think of it as an elastic sphereoid of contraction that spins so fast that its equator extends. Then imagine that, at the same time, the both ends of the same pole, that now runs through its extension, must close in on each other. It is one single point where extension as a circle and contraction as a straight line happens at once. It extends exactly as much as it contracts and vice versa. But the opposite directions of extension/contraction happens in opposite locations of the point.
Never the less, and this here is the tricky part so sit still and hold on to your ears; the 2 negative polarizations and the 1 positive extension are of the same point/unit. It is not like sphere + rings with some appearent gap between the parts that make up “Saturn”. All measurables and “dimensions” coming from this point come from the same source.

If we relate the image to string theory, I suggest strings are of the red perimeters that are wavelengts. The actual waving of the smooth perimeter comes from multiple points showing combined perimeters that lights up in complex sequences. A system of communicating extensions, they always communicate/relate, could perhaps behave like a “closed” string of an arbitrary volume/space. Then “open” strings would be all extensions not possible to define as belonging to a closed set with relevant values in uniform. But I know very little of string theory so just taking an intuitive stab at it. Basically there would be only one truly closed string i.e. the pre-big bang cosmic string/ring/surface.
Don’t know formal geometry either so “prolate/oblate” might be “ellipsoid” to the pro’s. I know “Point” is worthless to many in math because you cannot describe dimansions by means of a point, since the very definition of a mathematical point is that it has zero dimensions. Well, I’m not looking at that which has dimensions. I am looking at that which generates dimensionables.

Stop staining the picture with dimensions. I just put them there to show where masurements/dimensions are made possible. In the single point, there is nothing to measure. You must have 2 point before they realize their extensions as reality. One single point is the One Singularity without a reality to exist in.
Keep calm and count to 1.
The many points are not The Point.
Once they were and Once they will return.
But first, just an idea looking like this:

point phases


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