Wormhole as polarized currency

For what it’s worth, this is how I understand the now popular ER=ERP conjecture and the nature of wormholes “between” objects.




lThe way I see it, the mysterious wormholes are not tunnels through space at all. I see no reason to believe the imagined objects communicates “through” a media connection that has the property of space. To say that just leads to new mysteries and conceptual problems. Instead, let’s assume that the objects, on a quantum level, have to modes/phases where one is of space and the other of time. If so, the units are entangled by simply being in the same “place” when not being in their respective extended phases. In this scenarion, every pair of monopoles (there are no single monopoles) continously flips between being local and non-local, and they do so at the speed of light. That’s because the inversion point, the critical limit when one phase flips to the other, is exactly C. In other words, C is determined by the fundamental units phase inversion as it cycles through polarized contraction >C and charged extension <C. The “boundary” between time and space is then =C. Therefore, C is when the frequency of “time” extends enough to materialize as the wavelength of “space”.
Again, both phases/dimensions are of the same system and thus like the heads/tails of a single coin. That is why frequency and wavelength are always proportional.

Can you see how the “bridge” between the 2 is essentially non-local frequency of time?
Can you see how all extended surfaces are always connected in the same non-locality?
Can you see how all observables are connected at the same time?
Can you see why light in special relativity has all space but zero time?
Can you see why black holes can be eternally nowhere?
Can you see that “in-between” is irrelevant to non-locality?

No you can’t, because you insist that monopoles are impossible and that time must be measured in space in order to be understood correctly. You also believe reality cannot be gauge invariant, and that which cannot be measured/dimensioned as space to be “supernatural” and speculative.
Therefore you will keep looking for “where” objects are connected and what the wormhole is made of.

So you can never even consider that the wormholes are in fact what the measured objects are when contracted/polarized out of space. But believe me, if all the fundamental units contracted in synch, our universe would become an instant singularity, poof, just like that. Since they dont, there is always enough of them in extended phase as to generate what appears to be a rather stable and continous reality.
But at the speed of light, reality comes and goes.
Out of time, into space.
Out of space, in time.

So there is your “dark” energy, hiding from observation by being the frequency of time which is inherent in Everything. The mystery of time is why we insist it must be “seen” as separate to “space” in order for us to understand it.

Still running the fools errand…


How energy works

This Friday Fun will be to get rid of both energy and work. I’ve never liked how those concepts are used so I thought it best to weed them out of physics. They create more confusion than most other ideas. People use these concepts in various ways, and every time the word “energy” or “work” comes up, it is usually followed by “… depending on how you define…”. That alone suggests there’s something fishy going on here. From the excellent Physics Hypertextbook comes the following definition:

A system possesses energy if it has the ability to do work.

Work shifts energy from one system to another.

Energy is…

  • a scalar quantity,

  • abstract and cannot always be perceived,

  • given meaning through calculation,

  • a central concept in science.


Not attacking this definition, what’s wrong in the above? Well, first of all, the notion of “a system” is misleading. Since we are yet to discover a system in perfect isolation, there is no “a system” in the universal system. And if there was such a non-interactive system, it would stop being “a system” at the moment of detection. If we can measure it, we have a situation where the imagined boundaries of systems (observed and observing) are crossed from both sides, and then there is no definite boundary. The there is the idea of “possession” which is totally out of order. Any conceived system is of energy, and cannot be reasonably understood as a system (non-energetic) which has energy. Whatever this system is, it is of energy. It could not exist without being of energy. That is, existence of X requires X to be of both kinetic and potential energy in some proportions. If it is totally balanced, it is physically dead, and if it is totally unbalanced, it is a monopole. Every thing/system in-between dead and monopole is both kinetic and potential in itself. There’s no thing that can exist as having or not having energy. If it exists, it is the ability to do work. And speaking of “work”, if system X is the ability to do work, it need not “do” any work. All it has to “do” is to be what it is. In other words, no system can choose to “do” or “not do” its work. Therefore we can revise the definition accordingly:

A system is possesses energy if it has the ability to do work.

Work Systems shifts energy from one system to another.

With that out of the way, we can finally ask ourselves – what is work?
My answer is: Work is changing the relations of contraction and extension. That’s it.

There’s nothing “doing” this changing.
Change is enforced by the reality of existence.
If it exists, it will change and be changed.
The system does what the system is.
The system is contracting/potential and expanding/kinetic.