A monopole wavefunction

In various threads on Facebook I have had the pleasure to discuss briefly the general idea of a monopole singularity as being half space + half time, and of two corresponding .5 values as a possible ground for universal parity/duality of measurables/dimensions. The idea is that a pair of fundamental half values is required to make up 1 elementary unit of empirical reality as we know it. This concept of parity is not to be confused with the inherent duality of a singularity. An empirical parity as a wavefunction will instead be comprised of 2 dualities/monopoles in phase sequence. That would be 1 wavepackage of electromagnetism with its 2 values of electricity and 2 values of magnetism. Each fundamental duality contributes with its own polarity and extended charge surface, making one force unit the power of 2 monopoles. Note that these monopoles are not as in math some nondimensional points, but real poles with two ends, moving towards or from the central mean. That is, the Y-axis in the complex image will change uniformly on each side (positive/up and negative/down) of Y=0. This is as important as to have the corresponding X-values to do the same. If X goes from .5 to 1, then -X goes from -.5 to -1. The image is of a spheroid like entity which continously shape shifts between being a magnetic Y 1-1, via an electromagnetic X.5-.5/Y.5-.5 to the other extreme of X 1-1.
As Y it is a linear pole with rotation but no charge.
As X it is a circular 2D surface with no polarization, but likely to have a “hole” at its absolute center.

This entity cannot be accurately described by a static image, complex or simple doesn’t matter. I try to describe it conceptually, but as a reality it cannot be observed. The reason is, I suggest, that its total wavelength relates to a phantom harmonic, a missing fundamental of 1. It simply do not “wave” as it has to if subject to empirical observation. Waves are in this picture a property that comes instantly with the breaking of this monopole/singularity. They do not emerge as the final result of a process, but appear at an instant as one monopole/singularity breaks in two. The process would instead be of the oscillations which must be what breaks it. I believe that can be described by hydrodynamics. Until further notice, I assume it will snap back from full extension/surface and cut itself in 2 when equator “inverts”. Perhaps a very small perturbation of the great circle is enough to have that region speed up rotation as it comes closer to the units absolute axis of rotation. Then the relative great cricles of this 8-like unit might start a relative expanding phase.


This is to be understood as food for thought, not as an attempt at formally correct description. It’s a hypothesis. That’s all.

I had another image on this, but can’t get it attached. Also, I’m supposed to do other duties than dwell on the origin of the universe. Relatives are calling and I should respond properly.





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