Determinism – further down the road

As if my ideas were not idiosyncratic enough, this one just happened:

If universe is cyclic, and the initial state singularity is always the previous final state singularity, then determinism,as a perspective on how this final/initial state changes into an irreversible sequence of various complexity, will lead to a rather…unsetteling conclusion;

Whatever novelty is said to evolve, it will repeat itself according to the universal cycles. In a determined universe, there are zero degrees of freedom, and therefore every event, no matter how complex or unique by the looks of it, is bound to occur and reoccur eternally. 

A singularity is in my opinion a pretty simple state. It is inherently paradoxical to an observer/thinker outside it, but paradoxical does not equal “complex”, does it. It probably seems complex simply because the observer/thinker is complex itself. Like, if we apply complex analysis on the problem 1+0, we cannot solve it. 

Anyways, if singularity is as simple as it gets, with zero degrees of freedom, than what it effects cannot be different. We cannot reasonably assume that degrees of freedom are aquired later on. And if we do, to be coherent, we must hold that this freedom was determined to evolve in the system. That would be enforced freedom and the rest is determined to be nonsense. 

So let’s say the universal cycle, or oscillation, is of 20 billion years, not bothering with the issue of time for now, then “me sitting here thinking this” happened 20 billion years ago, and in 20 billion years I will be sitting here thinking this yet again. 

Is this a problem?

Was this a problem?

Will this be a problem?


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