In the beginning was The Joke

Iok-o- is The Word, and according to Jewish narrative, this Word is at the beginning.
Iok-o-ing is Creation.
Truth is a burden, a yoke.
That is why we must be taught to laugh at it, to dance in it.
To let the Iok-o-, the Joke and the Yoke be upon us.

The Head God is the Joker, an oscillator of compresssion
of radiance
of tension and

The Iok-o- is done to excite laughter, not fear and ignorance.
As we laugh, new words create new worlds, or rather change in the One World.
It begins with excitement.
The calling forth of the cause of standing.
Existence is exciting.

Who the hell said religion is boring?
It is the gathering of boring parts into One exciting Party.
Don’t listen to them.
They are Ghosts.


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