The sense of Ramanujan

The translation of sphere to disc and disc to sphere is the cause of mathematics. One particular aggregate of such translations was Ramanujan a.k.a. the man who knew infinity. If you don’t believe me, and I strongly suggest you don’t, then you should instead believe Ramanujan, and I strongly suggest you do.

Take a look at my crude image of the two extreme moments of a spinning quantum of action i.e. Singularity. Don’t be too concerned with the numbers as such. The message is in how the shapes relate to each other, and ultimately how reality is relative to itself.
Most will frown at violating the trancendent value of Pi. I allow myself to do that, assuming that reality at its most fundamental form of existence is not to be understood as “fractioned”. Ergo, the decimals of Pi = 3 are effects from 3 breaking into a multiple of 3’s. In this sense, the infinity of Pi is a measure of process. And of course, assuming the process of “expansion” to be finite, as in projective phase being followed by conjective phase, I suggest the seemingly infinite sequence of decimals will ultimately run backwards to once again end up 3, or perhaps 3.1.


spheredisctranslationNow we may ask ourselves; Howcome R said all objects in the series 1+2+3…= -1/12= -0.0833333…?
I suggest he somehow found the One axis of rotation 1 and how it translates to an empirical reality of parity where all objects hold the relative truths:
6/.72 = 8.3333
6/72 = 0.08333
72/6 = 12
360/.72 = 500
12/500 = 0.024
24/0.5/0.012 = 4 000
1000x.72 = 720
1/12×3 = 0.25000000…..

The wonderful thing is the negative of 1. You see, the 1 axis will be gradually <1 as the horizon of space extends. So the first 1 is as small as reality gets.
It cannot shrink beyond 1.
1 is the beginning and the end.
Instead, what is gradually lost in the imaginary length of 1 axis is translated to an increase of realized spatial extension.
So -1 equals 6 radii times 2 = 12.
As 1 axis becomes -1 axis from compression, 0 space becomes 12 functional spaces. Have those 12 spaces make up 3D space, and we get 12/3= 4 directions.

Now we can perhaps figure out how day and night emerges as effects from this fundamental process, why the clock shows 12 hours and how 10 emerges from 1 and 0.

And Time?
Times are multiples of this process.
Time is vertical to space.
Phase inversions….tick/tock/tick/tock…….
Now you see me
Now you don’t

And yes, empirical reality is likely to only show up as ellipsoids, as the SHAPEs in-between sphere and disc.
Oblates of the One Body.


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