Genesis in reverse

Today this though:

Prince Sakyamuni’s Enlightenment is the story of Genesis, in reverse. Or perhaps the Biblical tale of creation is the sequel to the story of how The Exalted One reached Awakening to Buddhanature. 

Genesis tells of The Invisible and Unknowable One, creating all things in existence. Its image is of 1 from 0. 

Enlightenment tells of the Exalted and very much existing human Prince, erasing one thing from existence. Its the image of 0 from 1.

Genesis builds on the actions that generate. Enlightenment builds on the stillness that degenerates. 

Genesis is of the projection. 

Enlightenment of its conjection. 

What great stories they are. How precise and to the point. 

The death of Ego to know Immortality. The dying Lord of Light and the Enlightenment of the royal flesh. 

Phase inversions, again. 

Singularity, again. 


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