Light out of compression

I am still amazed by the many conclusions that keeps popping up because of my original image/idea/fantasy/hypothesis. Yesterday the lights went out. All of them. Light as such was tuned down halfway to pitch black. 

The grey “sphere singularity Godlike zero point” of Universal becoming does not translate to a white hole/black hole 2D disc with grey at half the charge radius. 

It just grows darker around the axis of rotation, so the original grey is gradually extended with the stretching out of its equator. Fully phased out to flat disc, the horizon is just as grey as its origin. Only this time it is flat out charge around a center of compression. There is only charge in empirical reality. 

What makes “light” aka Electromagnetism is the parity of two such grey horizons/orbits. 

God just changes face when smeared out/anointed as the Light of the World. 


Aliveness transformed

Life is motion. All is essentially alive. Only from the narrow and relative perspective of human body is there dead material and living organisms. Getting to know physical matters better, we find it is of profound motion. Not in any way “dead” or “still”. 

The extremes of motion in matter are black pressure and white ex-pression. That is the dual nature of 2D space surfaces. In balance and without polarization, physical matter is grey. Not compressed, nor extended. That is the quantum greyscale of a single body. 

But empirical reality as known is of many bodies. So instead of greyscale there is the electromagnetic spectrum of colours. Where one body is perfectly polarized, two bodies are relatively so. Ellipsoids are in the colours of the rainbow. 

In balance and relative to itself, physical matters are green. 

Life and Death are of the same. One is of two lovers and close relatives. The one we fear as “death” is the lonely, single One. The absolute fact of relative observers.