The beginning is near

Elementary particles are not stuffy objects like cars or baseballs. It is not stupid to believe that. Most prominent scientists do. They believe neutrinos are tiny little things that travel through space at close to light speed. 

Billions of them, right through your body, 24/7. In what direction is less clear. But….vrooom…sort of. 

I never believed that. Not really. Now I know why. 

Mass but tiny charge means dense. Dense means less eccentric. Less eccentric means less spacious. Less space means “The Darker Stuff”. Dark Stuff means pretty inert and stuck in a relative “place”.

They do not speed through the universe. They are everywhere and they are close to becoming the tiniest little black holes. 

When the world comes back home to the Parent Singularity, it will do so at incredible pace. If you choose to call that parent God, then God is not only near but everywhere. And S/He is calling at high frequency. If you prefer to say Black Hole Singularity, its offspring is the abundance of neutrinos, holding the more eccentric children in place. 

That will be one place eventually. One place of zero space. 

A massive end is the massive beginning. By force of rotation it will always Turn Outwards to break out as relative spaces. The empirical universe of electric fields. 


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