Far from equilibrium 

As a note to self; remember that energy as kinetic vs potential is always in equilibrium. Never forget that difference in energy requires a pair of fundamental units. Keep in mind what you found six years ago:

Parity/duality is what makes difference possible. Any unit on its own is oscillating between low energy and high energy. What causes the unit to fluctuate is force of rotation. 

Force is constant

Energy is variable

I remind myself of this after reading about J Englands latest findings. The study concludes that objective stability in space seems to require a local system that is far from equilibrium, and that it maintains momentary kinetic stability by absorbing kinetic momentum from its environment. 

Sounds a lot like how elements of the periodic table is assumed to form inside the EM of stars. Pressure and absorption might be same action. I suspect it is an effect of matching geometry, angles and frequencies. 

So some have said over and over again; the Light of this world offer its body so that we can have life eternal. I am not done with figuering out ”eternity”. Its a tricky concept in relativity/duality. But I no longer doubt that EM/Light is the cornerstone in every object, matter and complex body of multiple bodies. You can call it Jesus or electromagnetism or photonic force. Its from dividing The Singularity, whether you like it or not. 

And The God of Singularity has the monopole. The monopole is of life and death. If you want to get far from equilibrium, try oscillating between life and death. 

Now you know why every thing comes around and goes around. Now you know why every thing, including you, is a limb of the One Body. Now you know why time is getting short and all the darker. 

Light goes to objects and objects go together as they ”gravitate”. The increasing equilibrium of dark stuff is relative and momentary. It will turn out alive and a light. It always does. Black Hole mergers and gamma jets tells us of a next initial state. It is cooling down and heating up. 

Revelations revised. To be continued. Im just making this up after tearing it all down. 



The seeing of It

If you are blind

You cannot see it

If you have clear vision

You cannot see it

Blindness or sight is not the issue

The issue is you

All of you

If You cannot see it

It is seeing Itself