Surfing on a pole

Here’s an idea of how we can understand the emergence of spacetime from a single oscillator of viscoelastic spin, sort of. It is not really spinning, but rather spinning only when looking at it “on the surface level”. When not spinning, we cannot look at it. Well, we can look at it in the same way we can look at a Black Hole. But we will not be able to observe visually the unit itself. Reason is that it does not make waves, only half a wave. That would be a flat surface extending as a pulse. In relation to a Black Hole, we can then detect what happens at the units extension perimeter as it booms out in a cloud of cosmic dust. We then see an accretion disc comprised of what is close the units perimeter, but we will never see the unit itself.


In the above picture of dust flow around a Black Hole, I have added my thoughts about what is really happening. The weird flow pattern suggests there is something flippin’ angles in the center of events, and this seems to be carried out in a non-random sequence related to our number 3. The surface perimeters I have added is not of the singularity-ish unit itself, but how its own extension sequence affects its exterior in a non-random way. It is possible, perhaps even likely, that the action in the hole is the inverse to the effect observed external to it. So when 3-dimensional dust is appearently closing in on the unit, the unit itself expands in magnitude, while not expanding by 3-d standards. Remember that the unit we’re analysing is the possible cause of spacetime, not its own effect. If it is the ultimate cause, any detectable effects would be…unexpected to say the least.
The reason 3 full surface extension only make up 180 degrees, not 1080, is up to anyone’s subjective opinion. I would say that 180 is fundamentally correct, while being relatively incorrect. We must contemplate that a proton/electron event is a compount of, what I claim is, 3 separate events. That is, electron orbit is a sequence of 3 fundamental units surface extensions…boom, boom, boom on repeat.
These 3 will, as in the above picture, shift angles too. Then we can play around with numbers and see what comes up. It will depend on how we choose to define a full sequence of a hydrogen atom. Whatever we do, the atomic clock will keep pounding out “time” as space extensions…boom, boom, boom…

No more time for me to build a universe. I gotta go, so here’s an image to meditate over. Be careful of ordinary thinking when looking at it.
Y is not of space values. It requires no room to move is.
The Y-axis has no effective width, but determines the loss of width because at Y, rotation is impossible. At Y, force cannot bend further around itself.
One unit as in the image is itself undetectable. It requiers two in a parity to have one wavelength of electromagnetism. this image is of half a transverse wave.