What something looks like

Throughout history, humans have tried to capture the totality of existence by various symbols. They all suggest a sort of complementary relation of what is known and what is unknown. A common theme is recursive polarity. There is the black and the white, negative and positive, and these two seem to be locked in a repeating pattern. There is an infinite loop of one after the other. They never merge and they never separate. There is no fusion or fission, but just an endless repetition of the same interaction. The poles seem to be forever attracted but never united. Two lovers and an endless lovestory. The chase seems to always be better than the catch.

Hunab Ku


I relate these symbols to Singularity, the idea of a “something” that is both “some” and “thing”. When dealing with words, I always check the etymology. This is essential if you want to get to the roots of where we stand. In etymology we can sense what lies “under” our current “standing”. That is not a pun, but a valuable way of reaching understanding. Some means  as one, together with, and that suddenly makes sense to the notion of something. We use the word “something” when there is an uncertainty of “what”. Same goes for “someone” and “somewhere”. When there is “some”, there is also as sense of possibility. It could be this or that. It could be here or there. We just don’t know for sure.

But rest assured – there is a SomeOne that does know.
SomeOne does the knowing.


Something should be understood: As One, together with Thing. Can you understand what this means? Before you answer, find out what means actually means. You must know what we are saying before you say too much. It means halfway between extremes and of second rate. It also means to intend and signify.

The symbols of eternal and infinte completeness, of Everything, means exactly This. And by This I mean Everything! As you can see, any attempt to mean Everything is bound to be of second rate. Whatever we mean is of second rate. This is why the Meaning of Life is of lesser importance than Life as it Is. When we search for the meaning of life, our efforts are to make it second rate. Life itself never means anything. Existence is always of first rate, superior and primary. Meaning of life is of second rate, inferior and secondary. The meaning of life is the pursuit of Ego.

Take a close look at the symbols again. Ask yourself – what is “some” and what is “thing”? My guess is that you see the “thing” as the black part, what is obvious and material. Then you see the white part as “some”, thinking it represents the transperant and uncertain aspect complementing the obvious other.

Now, remind yourself of what your interpretation means. Remember that whatever meaning you apply to the symbol, it is inferior and of second rate to the symbol itself. The symbol has its own meaning, and is of second rate already. If you add your meaning upon that, we end up third rate. If I interpret your meaning as to add a layer of my meaning, we are now four rates away from the source, the reality which the symbol, you and me are trying to explain. The significance of ex-plaining will be of interest when we take a look at the geometry of ex-istence.

The symbols can not be fully understood if we restrict our observation to what is seen. The empirical investigation will inevitably miss half the point of Singulartiy. So what is the black/white polarity if not a representation of known/unknown, seen/unseen, science/religion or body/spirit?
If you still don’t know, take another look and ask youself – how can I possibly “see” a representation of “unseen”? How can this symbol manifest the spirit and uncertainty of a hidden variable? Answer is, it can’t do that!

Yin Yang


Both black and white represents the “thing” of “some”. There is still some which is one, as together with what you see. The polarities are not hidden at all. What you see is always what you get. In reality, there is “thing” and “things”, and they are all out in the open for us to experience and investigate. What we cannot investigate empirically is the cause of black and white effects. So then we might conclude that ultimate reality, a Theory of Everything, is impossible to know. Perhaps we must rely on faith after all? Let science deal with the black and white, with the material things, and have religion speak of an unknowable Some One, call it God, that works in mysterious ways.
I reject that. I’m about creating new mistakes instead of repeating the old ones.

The Some of something is not hidden at all. You just didn’t get it right. You interpreted and added meaning to One, as together with. You devaluated Some and made it less significant. The meaning of yours is inferior to the meaning of Some. Read again and do not interpret what is written:
This = OneThings

If I keep adding more meaning to it, it will make the statement weaker, more not-true. Keep that in mind when I say:
Reality is This
is Everything and Every Thing
Everything is Some Everything
Every Thing is Some Thing
In everything, there is something
In something, there is some everything

The symbols are only pointing to the thing-ness of This. But This is simpler still so don’t start thinking about it. Instead, see it as it is, face to face. Sure the some-ness of something is there in the symbols. They do not lack any real quality. But the some-ness is inherent in all of existence. You need not stare at a particular symbol to not see it. Some-ness is the quality of same-ness. Both come from the root Sem. Whatever thing you look at, you will never observe the same-ness. That is because same-ness is One, as together with thing.

Some of you will eventually understand the meaning of This. And please don’t follow your reflexive intellect on that. I am not dividing us into “Enlightable” and “Unenlightable” individuals. When I say “Some of you”, I’m talking to You reading This.
The some-ness of Your being will eventually resonate with the some-ness in every thing. It is the resonance of same-ness in all of the universal every things. All physical objects/forms are this One, as together with.
Together with what, you might ask.
Ahh, intelligence…

Together with all physical objects/forms as this One
With all physical objects/forms as this One, together
All physical objects/forms as this One is together with
Physical objects/forms as this One is all together with
As this One, all physical objects/forms are together
This is One together with all physical objects/forms

SomeOne is to gather all things.

Call it God
Call it Gravity
Call it Chi
Call it The Force
Call it Whatever

Ultimately, it is the Same Some and you better hear it call You.
Without it      No thing
But here You are.
You see?