With a little help from Pythagoras

One way of converting 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 is to put Pythagoras theorem in a sphere and let it spin. Goes like this:

a^2 + b^=c^
Let a be the axis of the sphere, and b the radius.
Let axis a be a vertical 1 and b the 0 horizon.
Let a decrease from 1 to 0 Let b increase from 0 to 1

1^2+0^2           =1               sqrt(1) = 1
-.75^2+.25^2   =-.5             sqrt(-.5) = 0.7071067811865475i
-.5^2+.5^2       =0                sqrt(0) = 0
-.25^2+.75^2   =.5              sqrt(.5) = 0.7071067811865475
0^1+1^2          =1                sqrt(1) = 1

So what’s so special with this sequence? Well, what’s special to me might be irrelevant to you so it’s your call really. To me it says:
Imaginary/Invisible spherical equilibrium of 1
is less invisible as the 1 imaginary axis is compressed to -.75 by horizontal tension
and when axial compression -.5 equals horizontal ex-tension .5, there is energized equilibrium which increases in empirical visibility
to the extent where 0 imaginary aspect is to be found at horizon 1.

…and by this, we have generated a real plane out of an imaginary sphere, so 1i has translated itself to a real 1. As I have suggested in other posts, this is not some end state of the function. Axial compression, all the way to 0 “length” does not imply there is something lost of the unit. Spatial length is only horizontal, not vertical. We can assign “gravitational potential” to the axis and know that it is 0 at the moment of sphere, and 1 at the moment of disc.
That being potentially so, the above sequence will invert at c^2 = real 1, and the functional unit will then become increasingly smaller and de-charged. That is how reality is quantized by self-generated “gravity”.

I can also see that there are two distinct forms of equilibrium. The conventional equilibrium would be at -.5^2+.5^2=0. That is, when kinetic energy .5 equals potential energy -.5. This is the equilibrium in the classical world. But the classical world is not of a single unit as in this case. The classical world is of parity, and in a many body system, one thing absolute is, by definition, everything relative. So the other equilibrium, and in my opinion the far more interesting one, is the spherical one where there is no energy at all. This is a grey state of neither extension, nor compression. It is essentially dead to the empirical world of observation. This is when 1 is a purely imaginary 1i. In relation to the mod4 of imaginary numbers we can see that whenever i is raised to the power of even numbers e.g. -4, -2, 0, 2, 4 etc, it equals 1 or -1, but raised to odd numbers e.g. -3, -1, 1, 3 etc, it equals i or –i.
So how come the real power of the imaginary part rise only to the power of equals? Well, if my model is correct, it has to be so on the most fundamental level of single quantum mechanics/functions/operations. That is because any instance of kinetic charge has at its (invisible) center an equal amount of compression. So the power of 2 comes hand in hand in any realized, empirically detectable object. That is not to say there is no power of oddities, because obviously there is . Point is that such powers are of relatives and not absolutes, so instead of 1 or -1 we get i or -i. It is real values for sure, but they do not belong to a specific unit that can be empirically defined. It is more like “field” values.

Anyways, that’s what I find tasty food for thought because it plays very well with my imagination. But others work with other ideas, and perhaps you will find other valuables than I do.

Since the number 0.7071067811865475 turned up, both as i when function is ¼ real and as real when function is ¼ imaginary, I googled it and found something slightly interesting, even for someone who knows next to nothing about math.

For an example of an operator that throws its basis Kets into superpositions, here’s a function emulating a Hadamard operator:

julia> @def_op ” h | n > = 1/√2 * ( | 0 > + (-1)^n *| 1 > )”

h (generic function with 1 methods)


julia> d” h * | 0 > ”

Ket{KroneckerDelta,1,Float64} with 2 state(s):

0.7071067811865475 | 0

0.7071067811865475 | 1


julia> d” h * | 1 > ”

Ket{KroneckerDelta,1,Float64} with 2 state(s):

0.7071067811865475 | 0 ⟩

-0.7071067811865475 | 1 ⟩


Make of it what you will. There is something of importance going on there.
That’s what I think.


How to make 0 of 1

After making a few comments on two quotes from Chaitin’s Meta Math!, I will offer everyone looking for simple, unifying ideas a way to make 1 and 0 natural numbers in the sense of being exact images of the most basic physical event there is.

After all, math deals with the world of ideas, which transcends

the real world. And for “God” you can understand the laws of the universe,

as Einstein did, or the entire world, as Spinoza did, that doesn’t change the


To say math deals with something that trancends the real world is prone to be misunderstood if not specifying what exactly is required for something to be ”real”. One can easily read that “ideas” are not real, and then argue that the neural activity related to thinking is indeed real. It is also problematic to assume there is some interface which has reality on one side and ideas on the other. As far as I can see, that leaves us with the tedious old dispute about “media” and “ether” and how separate entities communicate and so on and so forth. It’s a dead end. Further, to separate the physical world/universe from their alleged laws makes for more problems, especially if the Godlike laws are supposed not to change the message. I will hold that the fundamental laws are descriptions of indisputable, physical events which are in and of themselves very simple. What we conventionally think of as “laws” are rather consistency in relative effects. I will also hold that the message is the messenger, just as I believe that Jesus Christ is God.

I am always searching for simple, unifying ideas, rather than

glorying intellectually in “polytheistic” subjects like biology, in which there

is a rich tapestry of extremely complicated facts that resists being reduced

to a few simple ideas.

I share this preference for absolute simplicity. Reason is that I believe the Singularity of Einstein’s GR is definitely real. If so, it makes no sense at all to philosophize about the Singularity in terms of complexity and a plurality of concepts like zero point, universal string, infinite density, boundary, heat etc. Rather one should make an effort to condense all these concepts into that which can generate and rule them all. That is to figure out which concepts are pointing to the same “unknown”. By doing so, I have come to the conclusion that there is ultimately just two qualities of reality; one is extension and the other relaxation. If you really want to simplify the fundamental state of affairs, getting rid of contraction and gravity helps a lot. This is not a new idea since already Ezekiel in his vision kept repeating that: And each went straight forward; wherever the spirit was about to go, they would go, without turning as they went.… Whenever they moved, they moved in any of their four directions without turning as they moved.…

Now, Ezekiel said a lot of thing which I do not understand correctly, not yet, but one thing we definitely agree on is this: … for the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels.… Indeed it is, and I can tell you why this is so. And you will definitely not believe one single word of it.

To generate one 2D surface of space, we need one axis of rotation. That axis is an imaginary straight line written as I or 1. At this moment, there is no zero because the sphere equator has not yet extended from rotation. We might say that there is an invisible space, or potential space, waiting to be spaced out by fundamental force of rotation. So the shape of things to come rests in the momentarily undetectable sphere which is in equilibrium and thus void of energy.


Now, if we let this 1 rotate, there is likely to emerge an equatorial bulge. This horizontal bulge is the emergence of space extension. It is the emergence of zero as comprising “everything”, because empirical reality is all of these momentary extensions. If there ever was a perfect sphere, we would not be able to detect it. This act of disappearing by means of geometry is the cause of quantization and the dreaded “gaps” in physical reality.

Since a quantum of action, which is Singularity, is finite, there can be no horizontal extension without a proportional compression of its vertical axis. So as empirical reality extends as a circular horizon, at its center there is the compression of 1 axis. In this way the 1 axis is continuously translated into a circular horizon. This is how electricity is perpendicular to magnetism, and so kinetic energy grows perpendicular to the growth of potential energy.

But to keep it simple, there is just the fact that if rotation flattens a sphere out into a disc, there will be compression at the disc center. Perhaps a better way to say is that tension is greater at the perimeter of the disc. Whichever way we phrase it, 2D extension is not forever. Flat is as far as it gets. Then what? Now we have translated the axis I into a much wider surface perimeter, symbolized by the all encompassing circle O. Reality is but an ocean of such momentary extensions, but it is not static. It breathes and has a lot of spirit, right?

Well, lets have a phase/face inversion so that potential energy (compression) is released, bidirectional and perpendicular to the extended horizon. What is likely to happen is that space seems to “shrink” and there is empirical “contraction”. But to invoke “gravity” is a big mistake. Perhaps the biggest of mistakes. There is no force which “pulls” space out of sight. Instead we have built up energy potential which has to be released. Otherwise we need some influx of force to keep the unit flat. As we know pretty well, the flow of reality seems to prefer a spherical shape, and now you can figure out why. That is because axial compression, enforced by fundamental force of rotation, has a limit to how compressed 1 can be. The poles/ends of the axis can meet at the very center of the fully extended space/horizon, but compression cannot pass through compression. Instead I suggest the poles will “bounce” off each other, and as they do, they will take the horizon with them.

From that “bounce”, the all encompassing O of space will gradually shrink and be quantized. So in this way, zero translates to an increasing axis I. The trick here is to realize that 1 is never to be detected as empirical reality. The 1 is of a sphere, not a prolate ellipsoid. In a physical sense, there is nothing >1.


The God I have found is of this invisible 1. And as explicitly stated in Genesis, creation grows by cutting itself down, not in 2, but in another 1. This is how one quanta breaks down to numerous quanta, and they all spin. Mathematicians like Tarski and Banach has shown how to make a sun by cutting up a pea and rotating the pieces. Math is just as real as the world of ideas. Reality cannot trancend itself, and it cannot fool itself.

What is NOT real is the “You” who is believed to read this post. Self-reference of human mind is the fool. Were was “You” at the moment of Singularity? What was there to eventually generate this “You” of “Yours”? Nah, forget it. “You” will never know it. In fact, you can never know it. Why? Because, if the above is actually true, IT is what knows “you”. “You” are IT, appearing and responding to context as “You”. 1 when invisible. 0 when obvious. Oscillations….lots of them….billions, and the relative image of stable matters which is an effect of them being so many. As the beginning (and end), the many are but 1, and The One is a moment of perfect equilibrium and universal unity. Force of rotation makes The One a black hole sun, a sun disc…The Only Son. So God anoints Himself, smears Himself out, into the presence of Light. Booom, Big Bang….Fiat Lux. Light is a wobbling Zero, coming from and going back to the invisible One.
Ultimately, This is of course the same body as That.
Reality hides by being Everything.
Jesus Christ hides by being God.
Light hides by being quantized.
Space hides….in time.




The pole is not the point

I’m having some difficulties in explaining to pro’s in physics what I mean with a Monopole. It seems they are looking for a point while I’m looking at, well…a pole actually. State of the art research papers keep validating my perspective on these elusive entities, but the authors themselves appear somewhat mystified. Perhaps it would help if they imagined their data to relate to a pole instead of a point?
Always trying to be of help, I will now offer the idiots (that’s me, not the scientists) 101 on monopoles.


The above image is not how a monopole is described in physics and math. It sounds a bit strange perhaps, but this is how our friends in the Cold lab’s looks at it:

Ordinarily, magnetic poles come in pairs: they have both a north pole and a south pole. As the name suggests, however, a magnetic monopole is a magnetic particle possessing only a single, isolated pole—a north pole without a south pole, or vice versa.


So their monopoles are believed to be isolated points, being either sout or north. Perhaps this is because physics have adopted a lot of thinking that belongs to mathematics, not physics. In math, a pole is not a pole at all, but a particular singularity of a meromorphic function. The link to singularity is natural and valuable, because my very physical pole is, when in isolation and not in a pair, an essential singularity. But for now let’s stay physical. So the real monopole has no less than 2 ends to it. I repeat for clarity:
A Monopole has 2 ends of 1 extension.
A Monopole is NOT an isolated point.



The above image is a revision of Wikipedias piece on Monopoles. If you look it up, you will see that everything is backwards in the conventional picture where poles are believed to be points. From that perspective, I can easily understand why uniting electricity and magnetism is so difficult.
If we make a pole a pole, it is not difficult at all.

And as always I remind you of the fact that a single monopole, like the one pictured here, is likely to exist only once, and that would be as an initial universal state. A single monopole is not possible in a universe that is already evolving and “in space”. The single monopole is of such force that only itself can break it apart, and that is what symmetry breaking is about. But in my model, there’s no small quantum fluctuations that does it. Instead it is an inevitable effect caused by the forced geometry of the monopole/singularity and the sequence in which it operates.

But for now, the take away message is that a monopole is a pole of frequency, not a mathematical point, and that the pole itself, by spin, extends a surface of currency as it contracts towards its mean length.
And no, all notions of space are misleading since the singular monopole is non-dimensional.

Liquid monopole unification

Liquid monopole unification

Today I learned about a paper where spacetime was derived from quantum entanglement. What got my attention was initially the picture of this relation. Since I’m no good at math, visions are my source of information. I thought this image could be helpful in describing this vision of mine. I will not bother you with the whole picture in one post, but just the basics. Everything is based on the fundament anyway so if you contemplate that, the rest follows naturally. But you must keep your mind in check. The fundamentals are so simple that intelligence will not believe it. Intelligence default mode of operation is of dualities. It cannot count to 1. Please mind the gap.

Here is the picture:

Locality of Gravitational Systems from Entanglement of Conformal Field Theories, Physical Review

Letters, 2015


So what we see looks like half a real system, doesn’t it? It is like the spheres are divided and the upside is gone. How can a spinning liquid look like half a sphere? Well, my answer is that the red gravitational dot in the bottom of the darkest sphere is missing its twin dot. From the center out, there seems to be generation of extended bowls/spheres, but in the absolute center there is just one.

What I suggest is this: assume the red dot to be 1 zero dimensional monopole as described by Dirac. Add to the above image a twin monopole and place it and its extensions as a mirror image over the one we have. By that, you see the whole picture as it actually is.
As we have learned, one single monopole is undetectable so that’s not it. But if we make a pair of monpoles, I claim they generate an electromagnetic field, and by that we have ourselves a photon package. This is how I unify the forces into One.

I’m just a guy without the formal tools to communicate this vision properly. I just throw stuff at those who I believe able to cruch the numbers and plot the graphs. I vision the geometries and functions. I connect available dots. But I do not communicate well from my intellectual confinement. But for some reason, I keep trying. The doodle here is such an effort, knowing that to you it appears as irrelevant armchair speculations and crackpottery. I’ve stopped being bothered by that. The picture I paint is so simple that it has to be unbeliavable. If it looked right, there would be nothing radically new in it.

Crude description of combinig a spinning liquid into a photon of two monopoles. Suggesting possible unification of forces.

I can’t even make the resolution right so it’s all blurry, haha. How goofy can it get? Anyways, here’s the basic assumptions:
A monopole is a point sphere of elastic/liquid spinning contraction.
The monopole sphere defines the limit of dimensional space.
Monopole spin causes the spherical geometry to fallent out to, what I believe is called, an ellipsoid.
Flattening of monopole geometry is ultimate cause of all physical dimensions of spacetime and forces.
The one monopole has by definition 2 two ends, both acts in opposite linear relation.
The monopole sphere has no axis of rotation because it is the fundamental axis.
As the 2 poles of the monopole “contracts/gravitates” towards shared center point, the great circle of the sphereoid extends accordingly.
Equator extension and pole contraction happens at once. This is NOT a sequence of 1,2. It is a uniform action of opposite effects/values.
2 ends narrow a linear relation while 1 torus/circle extends an orbit.
This is NOT dual action. It is ONE action.
It is the unification of forces. Not a “collection” of forces.
Again, in the monopole it is nonsensical to assume the known forces to be present at once. Thats looking at it backwards. The monopole spinning elastic contraction is what presents itself as multiples of measurable forces, but they are not multiple.
They are fundamentally ONE that does Everything AT ONCE. Please contemplate the unbelievable simplicity in this. The brute logic. Empty your mind of multiples and really make an effort to act as a singularity.
All of reality is multiples of the monopoles extensions. Quanta is of these momentary flashes of extensions that go on/off at exactly C speed.
C is NOT a linear measure, but a measure of zero point frequency spin.
Two monopoles make one photon, so the value of C relates to the photon sequence of wavelength-gap-wavelength- gap etc. C is not of “speed” or “velocity” but points to a discrete sequence and what’s likely 3 steps/flips, like “changes”.
Electricity is fundamentally the extension orbit charge. It is inherently kinetic while being circular.
Magnetism is fundamentally the double negative contraction of monopole ends which defines the undetectable aspect of the unit.
NOTE: the zero limit is not a perfect circle. A perfect circle is the average limit. The boundary surface that unfortunately divides QM and GR is wavy. It is so because all measures in empirical reality are of 2 (photon) or +2 (matter) multiples of monopoles. Their combined pulses creates a wave pattern.
Energy dynamics on quantum level seems to be guided by phase inversions. These should be easily pictured assuming the above scenario. The logic then implies that is that is the case of local change, then it also holds for global change. Therefore it is reasonable to assume a universal cycle being similar to:

2. Monopole breaks in two
3. Photon
4. Photon breaks in multiples
5. Multiples combine to complexity
6. Complexity contracts in monopoles
7. Super massive mopoles unite into 1 monopole
8. Rinsed and repeated.

I could release a barrage of consequenses following the above scenarion, but this is more than enough I think. I don’t expect anyone to believe it anyway. Not now. But all I see when looking at what emerges out of avant garde research is a collective convergence towards “my” model.
I don’t think of it as “mine” really, because it is just a product of throwing available data into a questionable mind.
I’m sure the “mind”-part is the key to unlock a GUT or a ToE. I am not saying this is what I have done.
It is NOT. Hopefully I can inspire someones thinking to dare the path less travelled. That path leads to both non-local nowhere and eternity, as well as global infinity in no time.
To me, that spells Enlightenment.
Why not have a shot at it? What’s there to lose but perhaps a career in academia and all of your credibility?
If you’re afraid to lose your mind thinking like this, don’t be.
You know why?
Because if the unified field is actually true, that mindwas not yours to have anyway.

As for entanglement, I think the paper speaks for itself. I have nothing to add but what I just said. The paper is half the big picture shown correctly. If they double the bet, they might win a big prize.

If by any chance anyone is actually curious to have me elaborate, in my layman terminology, don’t hesitate to let me know. I have no one to talk to about these ideas so it would be my pleasure.
I make things up on my own as it appears…

Critical density is given

As an aside, I am looking at the Omega number 3H2/8πG = 5 × 10-30 grams cm-3 (3 hydrogen atoms per cubic meter). This means that for our observed universe, as we imagine ourselves to know it, there needs to be an average of 3 Hydrogen atoms in a cubic meter chunk of space. If there’s less, the universe will dissolve by thinning out. If there is more it will implode in a big crunch.

To understand the equation we need to revise it some.

1 atom of Hydrogen equals 24 so 3 Hydrogen times is 72 as in 3 Days.
Pi is 3 as in 3 directions.
G is 6 as in half the value of Dirac’s quantized singularity of +-12.

72/144= 0.5

By this correction we get 1/2 contraction instead of the wierd 0000000000000000000000000000005 grams of contraction.

We can now make sense of universal density by knowing that expansion comes from equal parts contraction and extension. Omega is 1 because
.5 contraction + .5 extension generates 1 Absolute Omega.

This is more informative than setting omega to 3 Hydrogen atoms per m3. But to make sense, we must understand the nature of the dual phased singularity as a real Dirac Delta Function. This function is believed to blow up to “infinity” at its zero, but that’s a misconception. There is no such value as “infinity”. Infinity is prediction of an process that will keep on keeping on. If we define infinity like that, it is true that the Dirac Delta goes on infinitely as an operational function.
Why the Dirac Delta breaks down, collapses at its zero will be explained later. So does essential singularities. For now, let’s celebrate the fact that universe is a perpetual growth machine. Global growth comes from local contraction of zero point singularities as described by Dirac 1931.
Since global expansion is caused by local contractions, the two are inevitably proportional.

In time, I will also show why a Hydrogen atom is “24” times and why Pi is “3” space. It’s basically from assuming that a singularity has no fractions and that the numbers have nothing to do with quantities. There are no dimensions in a singular point so there’s no things to count as 1 or 2. There is just what generates dimensions/measurables as a generalized product of a particular function.

No, current laws of conservation does not allow for us to makes sense of reality.
Conservation is a symmetry that needs to be broken out of.
Traits of singularity does that. In my head I see how it is done. But I need to know advaced hydrodynamics to get it out. I don’t know that, just as hydrodynamics don’t know what is in my head.

Edit: It is cyclic, not infinitely growing in space. I was contradicting myself. Infinity is the wrong concept. It is eternally cycling through phases of density. If it starts equally contractive and extensive, it will of course come back to that.

And again. …

Spinning singularities with a twist

In this post I will try to picture my idea of what singularities are and how they operate. I’m not saying “This Is So”. I’m suggesting “This Might Be It”. I have great confidence in my basic assumptions, but have totally revised the formality of it several times. If anything I suggest here is incompatible with observational data, I will do it again. My convenient ace up the sleeve is that the main point in my model defies observation. I’m fully aware this makes it “religion” to most people. I respect that opinion because it is essentially a valid point. But we might also ask ourselves if it is reasonable to dissmiss all non-empirical investigations as inherently flawed or “wrong”.

My position is that “religion” is to be understood as Re-Legion which implies a gathering of Many as to become One. It is not about dismissing the reality of subjects being unique to form and function. We all know that on a macro level, there are no two things being same thing. That’s just not true. But we also know that, at a micro level, these many subjective things have something fundamental in common. They all seem to originate from the same essence. They have a property of existence that we might call empirical, physical, existential, Buddhanature, eternal, (W-)holy or energetic. Whatever we prefer to name this commonality, it simply is. As long as it corresponds to an imagined “Everything”, that’s it.

Energy is it
God is it
Gravity is it
Consciousness is it

The crux with “Everything” is that it is impossible to point out as different from a reference point. Being Everything, how can it be related to something else? This domain of “Everything” is where religion plays a role. That is why religion can never prove its point empirically, while science can potentially prove all its Points. Science has infinitely many points to prove while religion only have one single point a.k.a. Everything. Contrary to what you might think, proving one point is way harder than proving a thousand points. That is because this one point includes all the others. It is the empty set of all sets. Inherently empty, while always present, the empty set cannot be proven by other means than observing its. Thus, religion is about the inherent emptiness of all things. I’m afraid that goes also for my model of singularity. What makes it a troublesome religion is that I contract God to reside within the tiniest forms of existence. That makes God a million Gods, all confined in their discrete singularity. A religion that gathers all parts by separating them will have few believers. So far, I’m alone… well, sort of “alone” in a relative sense.
A renegade Ego is perhaps a better label if one must be labelled.

Anyway, play around with my very un-scientific and counter-religious drawings. They are all yours, all ours. We’re in this as many ones. May all make their little effort  for the benefit of all sentient beings; past, present, future and unknown. All is connected.
Last but not least – have some fun creating the Universe.

By the way, I believe the paper on a “wild theory” is basically pointing in the same direction. It just names and arranges the concepts and parts a bit differently. Not sure authors would agree with me, but I agree with then anyway.

Wild Theory: 5-Dimensional Black Holes Could Break Laws of Physics



                                  Not One, Not Two

In the above fig. zero points are at origo and 12 o’clock/North pole. The relevance of breaking the upper limit of system energy is made clear by an experiment done 2013 at Max Planck Institute. Read the article and imagine singularities to be “the lanscape” in which the spheres roll. In the text, increased energy is located to the spheres, not the landscape, but my model inverts this to picture the spheres/particles/waves as the flow of energy caused by the fundamental landscape/field in which they exist. So as when singularities generate increased force at their perimeters, the gap-field between them is filled with increased amounts of energy. Contrary to the Boltzmann distribution, where spheres eventually stop rolling and gather as “death by entropy”, my spheres are created and propagated by the fundamental force of singularities. In this scenario, there is no heat loss, no friction and infinite negentropy. I claim this landscape to be the Reality of Everything. The energy/spheres enforced by this landscape of singularities will make up all of our empirical reality, while the landscape as the fundamental cause of observables will remain impossible to investigate directly. That is because the spheres cannot probe their own ground. Energy arises out of the causal singularities and have therefore no way of exchanging information with its origin. This would seem obvious, based on logic and common sense alone, but I fear scientific minds reject it never the less. A theory the denies the possibility of experimantal proof is not likely to gain any attraction, but be regarded as “religion”. The quest for “gravity” will continue in-between the objects. A gravity that is an undetecable singularity which causes all energy (by contracting and expanding) will for some time remain a “hidden variable”. The only way to “see” it is to have your mind make a quantum leap from quantity to quality. To be properly understood, Everything must not only be quantified, but also qualified. To learn this, one needs a qualified mind.
Meditation is a good method to qualify your mind.
Don’t reject the value of enlightenment.
It’s not religion, but fundamental physics.

A Singularity


Many Singularities

I see now that I’ve made sperms of the energy flow. That was not intended, but perhaps an apt description anyway? In reality, the energy flow would look more like a grid of cubicles forming geometric structures of various densities and charge. Remember also that the singularities have an extreme spin rate and will contiously adjust their angels and positions as to generate the ocean of quantum dots “seemingly popping in and out of existence” which make up the observable universe.

The initial state is one of such a singularity. It has no space, but grows as a place of increasing force. It has no energy, since energy is caused to arise at the event horizons of two neighbour singularities. It has no velocity, since a singularity does not propagate in space, but grows potentially in place. This place is what we conventionally think of as “center of gravity”. However extreme its energy potential is, it will not occupy conventional space. How its place appear can be studied by observing states of realized energy at its event horizon. The singularity itself cannot be observed for reasons mentioned above.
What it does have is Time.

If you want to know what time is, this is it. Forget all you believe yourself to know about time. Time does not slow down in a singularity, neither does it speed up. Time has nothing to do with speed, as a singularity has no velocity. Our mistake is to imagine time as related to an observer that is either still or in motion, and to various positions of objects in relation to each other. A singularity itself has none of that. It is without dimensions and cannot have properties that require space to even exist.

In non-relativistic reality that is ultimately real, “time” is the energy potential inherent in a growing event horizon of a singularity. There is no clock running inside it, but there is the fundamental cause of clocks. There is only one single force and it rotates expansively and contractively as to generate an increasing potential for energy that is either expansive or contractive. In this, there is the potential for Everything.
There is something causing our clocks to appear as they do.
They radiate the same circumference, day and night. And while not moving one inch, there is something continously increasing. To reset the clock, we must apply “work” to make it stop. If we don’t, it just keeps going.

There will be more on Singular time…in time.



Superfluid – but where and when?

  The persistent idea that everything must be a thing continues to create problems in physics. It seems like I am a singularity myself, claiming the belief in a priori thing-ness is a misconception. No matter how close to reality a theory comes, it falls short of the ToE because of this belief.

It usually goes like this:

There is things we can observe empirically – check
There are smaller things inside big things – check
There are even smaller things inside small things – check
All things move in relation to each other – check
All things have inherent motion – check
Being is particular and massive – check
Motion is wavelike and vibrational – check
What we can observe is particular motion – check
Reality (a) is, and (b) changes – check
Where is reality – ?
When does it change – ?

So we have theories that tries to explain spacetime. We still don’t know how the particular motion of being is carried out, because we can’t seem to find in what media/background it moves. We can clearly observe that things propagate through space, but we have no idea (or too many ideas) what it propagates through. So we look for that “something”.

A popular concept of this media is aether. This is an attractive idea since it implies an existence of something that is spread out everywhere in space. Perhaps it is what constitutes space itself? The other day I found one of these aether theories, Superfluid Vacuum Theory (SVT). This is very close indeed. It could potentially serve as a ToE. Thing is, that goes for most other theories as well, even the soon to crash Standard Model. They are all right, but they have one flaw in common. All assume reality to be of being only. No one seems to know what’s coming in the be-coming of reality.

This comes as no surprise, because scientific method requires “being” as some thing to observe. It cannot investigate the unseen “change”, only what it is that is changed. We must realize the difference between; 1. Observing what changes 2. Observing what changes The first is looking at an object that has motion. The second is trying to see what causes the object to move. One is effect, the other cause. Can you realize this is not irrelevant?

Imagine finding what causes change. Wouldn’t that be great? Perhaps that is the mysterious graviton? Now, when you find it, before you go to Stockholm for the big prize, tell me if this cause of change is inherently still or if it moves. If it is still, tell me how it can cause anything to do anything. If it moves, tell me what makes it move. You see, the first is impossible and the second is infinite regress. Cancel the tickets my friend. You’re not going anywhere by doing this.

The aether we’re looking for is inside the being, not outside. It is the inherent motion that comes with every thing. It is everything inside every thing. It is the cause of vortices in the condensate/superfluid. It is the cause of rotation, orbits, waves and trajectories of things. It is the some of all things. You can never detect the some, only the thing. The thing is never a definite thing of itself. It is always some-thing. It is the formless within form, the Sunyata of Buddhist philosophy.

So to the question of what mediates the motion of things, the answer is – the inherent motion of things. We might just dig up the old Greeks and give the prize to them, or Nagarjuna. They had it right then already, but no condensed matter labs to prove their point. The point is – there is only points, and they cannot be observed. The point is causing contraction and expansion. The points are what makes up the universe. They cause energy, as negative and positive, to travel from point to point creating effects as mass, waves, particles, fluids, gas, tissue etc. There are no objects pushing each other around, only subjective values of contraction/expansion causing effects of space and time as well as “motion”. No thing moves about, but something always moves about. That is everything.

Aether is a valid concept, but it is not spread out everywhere.
The aether is the “with” within every thing.
Everything is exactly what it looks like, but the other way round.
We are the outside of inside the universe.

It starts a singularity and it grows singularities.
Where is the point of space.
When is the change of point value in time.
Motion is not in a superfluid.
Motion is superfluid.
Universe is an ensamble of superfluid singularities generating growth in free space.