Riemann geometry on-line

Not only will I mess with Riemann’s famous Z-func, today I will straighten out his geometry. To begin with, his correction of Euclid is excellent. I agree with Riemann on that.

Riemannian geometry, also called elliptic geometry, one of the non-Euclidean geometries that completely rejects the validity of Euclid’s fifth postulate and modifies his second postulate. Simply stated, Euclid’s fifth postulate is: through a point not on a given line there is only one line parallel to the given line. In Riemannian geometry, there are no lines parallel to the given line. Euclid’s second postulate is: a straight line of finite length can be extended continuously without bounds. In Riemannian geometry, a straight line of finite length can be extended continuously without bounds, but all straight lines are of the same …

In essence; Riemann rejects the idea of linearity. He says all extensions are basically circles. Thank you R, that’s definitely it. All of my space is of circular surfaces extended by pole frequencies. These pol extensions IS what we measure as “space”. Don’t let your mind fool you here, and assume there is:
1. Space
2. Extensions
Wrong Wrong and Wrong!!!

There is: Extensions.
That’s it!

Riemann had it perfectly right in building a geometry out of such extensions, and to have them being circular. They are. The pole extension is circular and of finite area. It is a disc. This is not really a problem if we want to build a 3D reality. We simply stack those surfaces in whatever way we like and, lo and behold, 3D space.


Now, how can we make both being right? It is much related to the problem with making both QM and GR equally correct. It seems they are, but we cannot figure out how that can be since they sort of contradict each other in a disturbing way.

I thought we could approach this academic problem with a little help from one of the academic superstars, Edward Witten of String Theory fame. I’m being a monopole guy, I found a paper on ST and singularities from which I quote:

Here we run into a problem. One can read a textbook recipe for quantization in Dirac’s old book or in more modern texts on quantum field theory. But these recipes, applied to the Einstein-Hilbert theory, do not work. Because of the highly nonlinear nature of Riemannian geometry, these methods fail to give a consistent and meaningful result.

So if I read Prof. Witten right, he detects a problem in that quantization seems a fact while Riemann’s geometry also seems true. On one hand, quantization and Riemann agrees on the finiteness of geometry. Unlike Euclid, both say that extension is not infinite in space, but rater in rotation. The closed circle, string, surfce can in priciple spin forever without going anywhere in space. I can draw a 2 km long line on my A4 paper by curling it up in a circle. I can thus “bend” space into a particular Place. Then we ask, is it still a line?
Of course it isn’t, but the energy spent on drawing it can be exactly, has to be exactly, same as if drawing a true line. And please don’t get hung up on the energy expenditure and definitions of “energy”. Try getting the point instead. Thank you.

The problem Witten finds is likely that Dirac’s quantizing recipe will generate a real geometry/space with gaps in it. Reality might ultimately be quantized and dot-like, but it is also true that it acts in accordance with the smootheness of General Relativity, and however discrete Riemann’s infinite dots look like, when put to work they generate a manifold of smooth complexity. Riemann gets there by adding a tensor to his circles. This is the same trick as Einstein used to wrap up spacetime. A metric tensor is a mathematical function that aids in measuring and dimensioning, but it is not a real part of reality.
It simply is not there to look at. I will replace that device with the internal frequency of the geometry since it is pole spin that both extends to a surface and which keeps it in shape. More on that later.

Now I will tell you how to make a continous line from discrete dots that goes on and off like pixles on a screen. This is important, because Dirac’s recipe is a good one, but the “string” he imagined to have it work properly can be replaced with my viscoelastic point of spinning contraction. I reality, the Dirac string is the circular currency of 2 monopole surface extensions spinning in opposite directions. That my friends is what a photon looks like. The string is the photon’s helical twist of transversed waves. It is the 2 poles frequencies that does the twisting extensions, and we get a photon wavelength from that. But that’s off topic.

Looking at the picture makes better sense if you take a look at how my monoples behave. I have a few posts on that so study them before you watch how I get rid of space.


So…how should I phrase this…? Let the extensions be reality because they are reality. Really make a mental effort to let this sink in: Only the extended sufaces are real, as in empirically measurable. It is not because we cannot look close enough to see the poles in their middles. It is because there is only spin frequency there. It is as visible as a black hole. The Riemann geometry of a closed circle prevents outsiders from looking in. It is like having an Euclidian line “bent” around it. That’s excellent, and it should have put an end to ideas of infinite space….I wish.


We see that the Euclidian geometry applied to quantum systems just ends up in infinities. Especially conceptual infinities. However academically rewarding that might be, it won’t take us further around the road. Let’s settle for Riemann’s infinity instead. An infinity that allows a process, like for example universal evolution, to keep going, but prohibits infinities of space. I suggest the arrow of time goes around the clock and not like a hand of time that keeps stretching out the face. If the hands reach out too far, they will lose frequency/momentum and the turning of time will stop. It doesn’t. So if we look at the chart below and realize the monopole itself is a first harmonic string/circle, then it will not have a complete basic unit of space. The minimum circles needed for space to emerge is a pair of monopoles, and that’s a photon. The first harmonic singularity (initial state) is a circular surface of 1 wave. By the way Prof. Witten, that’s the cosmic string soon about to be 2 strings. But in this particular case, it is not a nice and wavy surfers wave, but an instant pulse when the spin of the pole makes it shrink inwards as to press its great circle outwards to extension. The spheroid point flattens out, just like that. Boom.


Harmonic Pattern # of Loops Length-WavelengthRelationship
1st 1 L = 1 / 2 • λ
2nd 2 L = 2 / 2 • λ

But we still have only half a space, right. No matter how fearful and gigantic we assume this entity to be, with one single loop there’s zero space. It simply cannot achieve “space” on its own. Was it not alone we could assume its existence by looking at what’s external to it, as we do with Black Holes in our already banged up universe. But looking at one single solitaire of a monopole, there is nothing external to prove it existing at all.
It is just frequency/rate of oscillating contraction/extension. We should also be careful with the notion of frequency, because at this point we don’t know the frequency of what. We don’t have a clock to say “It rotates 300 000 000 times in a second”.
Come on guys, “time” is just as not-there as “space”.

So how do we quantize a la Dirac to make a nice wave out of this monster of a dimensionless oscillator? Witten of course wants an electromagnetic wave out of this, and that it should be smoothe, and able to, in multiples, build a Riemann manifold of continous complexities without those crazy quantum gaps in it. I suggest we let the monopole oscillate itself in half. The twist from spin is likely to break it at some point in the sequence, and until further notice, I will set that point at 3. 3 full contractions and extensions and it is suddenly 2 monopoles. By that, we have played the first second harmonic and now we have 1 basic length of space and it took a frequency of 3 times. When you stop laughing at the paradox of having created 1 dimension of space from 3 dimensions of time, you can open your eyes an have yourself a Big Bang of light.

I’m not sure yet how the next breaking plays out so there’s a few options available to this uneducated mind at least. For a pro there may not be so many. Hopefully only one according to what we know of electromagnetism. The important thing to note is that once the monopole singularity is broken in two, we can have a sequence of multiple oscillations. That will bridge the quantized gap so we now face a reality that is no longer black or white, as in on/off quantum flickering, but relatively smooth and continous.
This means we can throw away the tensors and keep the Dirac monopole(s) binary nature intact and build a Riemann manifold. The tensor effect is now inherent in the combined contractions of the multiple spinning poles. It is what gives the space extensions their frequencies and holds them together as “waves” and not Euclidean straight lines.
That we cannot directly measure the quantum jumping with out probes without getting tunnel-vision  should not be a problem if you know how it’s done and what it is. The reality of the many lights being momentarily “off” is shadowed by the many which are always “on”. The pre-reality of what is real will show up in the real measurements however we go about doing them.

We’re swimming in the Dirac Sea as we speak, it’s just that we are the clouds hoovering above it. When we cool down, we fall down into the ocean of insides.
Count to C and we’re up and flying for real again.

Sorry to mess with String Theories, but the opens strings are not neccesary. The math is probably spot on, but I suspect it is way more complex than is actually called for. I believe we can keep the single closed string/surface as it is with wavelength 1, and then we just break it down in as many legos/points we like to fit with the data. I’m sure the flow of currency appearing smooth and continous can be achieved by letting the “off” poles be what they are supposed to be i.e. non interfering with measures of space qualities.
“Flow” is exactly one such quality, and if the silent 1’s are not real is space, they will not affect how space evolves. But they will indeed affect the frequency/timing of space.
The timing is of how that which is linear is curved and folded into complex geometries. Space extension doesn’t do that.
Time does.




Liquid monopole unification

Liquid monopole unification

Today I learned about a paper where spacetime was derived from quantum entanglement. What got my attention was initially the picture of this relation. Since I’m no good at math, visions are my source of information. I thought this image could be helpful in describing this vision of mine. I will not bother you with the whole picture in one post, but just the basics. Everything is based on the fundament anyway so if you contemplate that, the rest follows naturally. But you must keep your mind in check. The fundamentals are so simple that intelligence will not believe it. Intelligence default mode of operation is of dualities. It cannot count to 1. Please mind the gap.

Here is the picture:

Locality of Gravitational Systems from Entanglement of Conformal Field Theories, Physical Review

Letters, 2015


So what we see looks like half a real system, doesn’t it? It is like the spheres are divided and the upside is gone. How can a spinning liquid look like half a sphere? Well, my answer is that the red gravitational dot in the bottom of the darkest sphere is missing its twin dot. From the center out, there seems to be generation of extended bowls/spheres, but in the absolute center there is just one.

What I suggest is this: assume the red dot to be 1 zero dimensional monopole as described by Dirac. Add to the above image a twin monopole and place it and its extensions as a mirror image over the one we have. By that, you see the whole picture as it actually is.
As we have learned, one single monopole is undetectable so that’s not it. But if we make a pair of monpoles, I claim they generate an electromagnetic field, and by that we have ourselves a photon package. This is how I unify the forces into One.

I’m just a guy without the formal tools to communicate this vision properly. I just throw stuff at those who I believe able to cruch the numbers and plot the graphs. I vision the geometries and functions. I connect available dots. But I do not communicate well from my intellectual confinement. But for some reason, I keep trying. The doodle here is such an effort, knowing that to you it appears as irrelevant armchair speculations and crackpottery. I’ve stopped being bothered by that. The picture I paint is so simple that it has to be unbeliavable. If it looked right, there would be nothing radically new in it.

Crude description of combinig a spinning liquid into a photon of two monopoles. Suggesting possible unification of forces.

I can’t even make the resolution right so it’s all blurry, haha. How goofy can it get? Anyways, here’s the basic assumptions:
A monopole is a point sphere of elastic/liquid spinning contraction.
The monopole sphere defines the limit of dimensional space.
Monopole spin causes the spherical geometry to fallent out to, what I believe is called, an ellipsoid.
Flattening of monopole geometry is ultimate cause of all physical dimensions of spacetime and forces.
The one monopole has by definition 2 two ends, both acts in opposite linear relation.
The monopole sphere has no axis of rotation because it is the fundamental axis.
As the 2 poles of the monopole “contracts/gravitates” towards shared center point, the great circle of the sphereoid extends accordingly.
Equator extension and pole contraction happens at once. This is NOT a sequence of 1,2. It is a uniform action of opposite effects/values.
2 ends narrow a linear relation while 1 torus/circle extends an orbit.
This is NOT dual action. It is ONE action.
It is the unification of forces. Not a “collection” of forces.
Again, in the monopole it is nonsensical to assume the known forces to be present at once. Thats looking at it backwards. The monopole spinning elastic contraction is what presents itself as multiples of measurable forces, but they are not multiple.
They are fundamentally ONE that does Everything AT ONCE. Please contemplate the unbelievable simplicity in this. The brute logic. Empty your mind of multiples and really make an effort to act as a singularity.
All of reality is multiples of the monopoles extensions. Quanta is of these momentary flashes of extensions that go on/off at exactly C speed.
C is NOT a linear measure, but a measure of zero point frequency spin.
Two monopoles make one photon, so the value of C relates to the photon sequence of wavelength-gap-wavelength- gap etc. C is not of “speed” or “velocity” but points to a discrete sequence and what’s likely 3 steps/flips, like “changes”.
Electricity is fundamentally the extension orbit charge. It is inherently kinetic while being circular.
Magnetism is fundamentally the double negative contraction of monopole ends which defines the undetectable aspect of the unit.
NOTE: the zero limit is not a perfect circle. A perfect circle is the average limit. The boundary surface that unfortunately divides QM and GR is wavy. It is so because all measures in empirical reality are of 2 (photon) or +2 (matter) multiples of monopoles. Their combined pulses creates a wave pattern.
Energy dynamics on quantum level seems to be guided by phase inversions. These should be easily pictured assuming the above scenario. The logic then implies that is that is the case of local change, then it also holds for global change. Therefore it is reasonable to assume a universal cycle being similar to:

2. Monopole breaks in two
3. Photon
4. Photon breaks in multiples
5. Multiples combine to complexity
6. Complexity contracts in monopoles
7. Super massive mopoles unite into 1 monopole
8. Rinsed and repeated.

I could release a barrage of consequenses following the above scenarion, but this is more than enough I think. I don’t expect anyone to believe it anyway. Not now. But all I see when looking at what emerges out of avant garde research is a collective convergence towards “my” model.
I don’t think of it as “mine” really, because it is just a product of throwing available data into a questionable mind.
I’m sure the “mind”-part is the key to unlock a GUT or a ToE. I am not saying this is what I have done.
It is NOT. Hopefully I can inspire someones thinking to dare the path less travelled. That path leads to both non-local nowhere and eternity, as well as global infinity in no time.
To me, that spells Enlightenment.
Why not have a shot at it? What’s there to lose but perhaps a career in academia and all of your credibility?
If you’re afraid to lose your mind thinking like this, don’t be.
You know why?
Because if the unified field is actually true, that mindwas not yours to have anyway.

As for entanglement, I think the paper speaks for itself. I have nothing to add but what I just said. The paper is half the big picture shown correctly. If they double the bet, they might win a big prize.

If by any chance anyone is actually curious to have me elaborate, in my layman terminology, don’t hesitate to let me know. I have no one to talk to about these ideas so it would be my pleasure.
I make things up on my own as it appears…

Essentially singular monopole

This blog is about the fundamentals. It concerns the ultimate cause of all effects. One might say that I’m all about what’s essential. Such an enterprise tends to become rather one-pointed. It converges into nothing really. Most people would find that rather boring. The multiple effects are more entertaining for sure.

Today we will have a quick look at an essential singularity. It is a beast of mathematics which was unleashed by the french genius Emile Picard

Great Picard’s Theorem: If an analytic function f has an essential singularity at a point w, then on any punctured neighborhood of w, f(z) takes on all possible complex values, with at most a single exception, infinitely often.

Since I suck at math I must translate into layman lingo: If you have a mathematical function that describes complexity (a lot of stuff going on), and that function has an essential singularity in it, then anything that happens at that singularity can become any event in the whole picture except for one single event. Whatever happens out of the essential singularity can be anything. And it will be anything, or rather everything, infinitely many times. There is only one thing it can never be.

The one thing it cannot be is probably all possibilities at once. That is, one operation can be one value/out put, any output actually, but one operation can never be >1 output. Everything seems possible, but not at once. We must allow for some evolution, right?


Plot of the function exp(1/z), centered on the essential singularity at z=0. The hue represents the complex argument, the luminance represents the absolute value. This plot shows how approaching the essential singularity from different directions yields different behaviors (as opposed to a pole, which, approached from any direction, would be uniformly white). (from wikipedia)

Note that a “pole” is probably related to defined positive and/or negative values. But in this case we are looking at what I suspect is a monopole. A monopole is…well, different. If approaching the singularity/monopole from different directions show complexity, it is reasonable that the same holds in the opposite direction. Out from the singularity emerges complexity. But you can never enter it. That’s the bummer with an ultimate cause. Everything comes out of it, but nothing comes back.
The black and white in its sub-zero center, that is the “punctured neighborhood” from Picard’s Theorem, is the simultaneous/instant contraction and extension of the spinning viscoelastic contraction which is the monopole I imagine. A true monopole has 2 ends, a dipole has 4 ends. The electromagnetic field in the Beautiful picture is only possible to generate in a mathematical simulation of a monopole. In physical reality, monopoles always come in pairs of 2 making them a dipole function. A solitaire monopole has no em-field around it and can therefore not be detected as it is. But it can reside inside a Black Hole I think. A monopole should hide in the center of a Black Hole.

The hardest part in this is not the complex math. The challange is to imagine the black and white singularity being one single unit of polarity. it is not a sequence which flips from one to the other extreme. There’s nothing linear in this, so no matter how fast we imagine a black/white switch to be, it won’t end up an essential singularity. Not even the speed of light is enough. To generate all of universal complexity, the monopole singularity must do its thing at once.

Can you imagine something that does opposite actions at once? I guess not. To paint such a picture, you must abandon all linear thinking. You must abandon scales that have two directions. In fact, you must leave all of space behind you. You see, at the very point of everything, there is a point. A point has zero directions in space. The point of the monopole is that it spins. It spins as a “pole” but it doesn’t look like a pole. There is no axis of rotation inside the zero point. There is just rotation. So how do we make it go separate ways in relation to itself? Here goes:

Make it elastic so it can stretch and relax.
Make it contractive so it doesn’t break from the rotation.
Keep spinning.

Don’t be surprised if there is extension at the equator of the point just as its “poles” are both going towards the center of the spinning point. There you have it! One expanding circle/torus around a pole with two contracting ends. That’s about as “all at once” I can get it.

Today was a round about the essential singularity as a mathematical image of a physical monopole. To me it is one and the same, the infamous Singularity suggested by Einstein in his General Relativity. There will be more on the funny little monopole in coming posts. I will soon try to enlighten everything in a slightly unconventional way.

Critical density is given

As an aside, I am looking at the Omega number 3H2/8πG = 5 × 10-30 grams cm-3 (3 hydrogen atoms per cubic meter). This means that for our observed universe, as we imagine ourselves to know it, there needs to be an average of 3 Hydrogen atoms in a cubic meter chunk of space. If there’s less, the universe will dissolve by thinning out. If there is more it will implode in a big crunch.

To understand the equation we need to revise it some.

1 atom of Hydrogen equals 24 so 3 Hydrogen times is 72 as in 3 Days.
Pi is 3 as in 3 directions.
G is 6 as in half the value of Dirac’s quantized singularity of +-12.

72/144= 0.5

By this correction we get 1/2 contraction instead of the wierd 0000000000000000000000000000005 grams of contraction.

We can now make sense of universal density by knowing that expansion comes from equal parts contraction and extension. Omega is 1 because
.5 contraction + .5 extension generates 1 Absolute Omega.

This is more informative than setting omega to 3 Hydrogen atoms per m3. But to make sense, we must understand the nature of the dual phased singularity as a real Dirac Delta Function. This function is believed to blow up to “infinity” at its zero, but that’s a misconception. There is no such value as “infinity”. Infinity is prediction of an process that will keep on keeping on. If we define infinity like that, it is true that the Dirac Delta goes on infinitely as an operational function.
Why the Dirac Delta breaks down, collapses at its zero will be explained later. So does essential singularities. For now, let’s celebrate the fact that universe is a perpetual growth machine. Global growth comes from local contraction of zero point singularities as described by Dirac 1931.
Since global expansion is caused by local contractions, the two are inevitably proportional.

In time, I will also show why a Hydrogen atom is “24” times and why Pi is “3” space. It’s basically from assuming that a singularity has no fractions and that the numbers have nothing to do with quantities. There are no dimensions in a singular point so there’s no things to count as 1 or 2. There is just what generates dimensions/measurables as a generalized product of a particular function.

No, current laws of conservation does not allow for us to makes sense of reality.
Conservation is a symmetry that needs to be broken out of.
Traits of singularity does that. In my head I see how it is done. But I need to know advaced hydrodynamics to get it out. I don’t know that, just as hydrodynamics don’t know what is in my head.

Edit: It is cyclic, not infinitely growing in space. I was contradicting myself. Infinity is the wrong concept. It is eternally cycling through phases of density. If it starts equally contractive and extensive, it will of course come back to that.

And again. …