Three negative veils

In Kabbalistic tradition there is an idea of Singularity that I find valuable. Kabbalah does not speak of Singularity, but of YHWH (God), so to anyone attached to Kabbalah as the only true teaching, I apologize in advance. My intention is not to replace a teaching with another, or to imply that JHWH means anything but JHWH. I know that those who do know This also knows that it would be impossible for me to distort or falsifie that which comes from the source of the three negatives. The author of these simple words does not have the power to cause distortion. He should be recognized as an effect of Everything, not a cause of anything.

000. Ein (Nothing; אין)
00. Ein Sof (Limitlessness; אין סוף)
0. Ein Sof Ohr (Endless Light; אור אין סוף)

Look at that!

000. Source of Contraction
00. Source of Expansion
0. Electromagnetism of Negative and Positive Energy

Reality is not one contraction, not one expansion, not contraction and expansion.
The Hindu says Neti Neti. In Vedic tradition, this is the way of inquiry. A Hindu answer to who God is will be “Not this, Not That”. Whatever comes to mind, that is NOT it. A Zen master could tell you that in order to understand Ein, your mind must be Mushin, or No-Mind. Since Ein is Nothing-ness, mind must be Empty-ness “get it”. It is not about intellectual understanding, but of resonance. Resonance is not about feeling, but of Being. Relation on an existential level is by means of mirroring what is related to.
That is the practice of investigation, but let’s keep it simple.

If we work ourselves backwards, which by the way is how you create progress, we know that Light is electromagnetic radiation. EM-Waves are possibly helical and of polarised magnetism (positive/negative) and energy. As far as we know, light seems to self-propagate without the need of external energy. That is, if light were to travel in free space, it would never stop. Light in free space is eternal and infinite expansion. But in the universe as we know it, there is no perfectly free space, so infinite and eternal light is impossible.

Before you stop reading, thinking “I know there is infinite and eternal light because that is what the sacred scriptures tells us, and why would this guy know better than Sages and Science”, let me remind you of where we are. We are still on square one on the journey backwards to Nothing.  When I say “there is no free space in the universe”, ask yourself – what is outside of universe?

If the Singularity of ooo,00,0 is the initial state/trait of Everything, what is there to make space restricted? Put the Singularity in a place and it will create the space. That free space is impossible in the universe is likely to be true. Science – Religion 1-0. But that is no proof of free space being impossible where there is no universe. What is the more reasonable claim do you think:
1. Outside universe there is something causing friction on the universal horizon
2. Outside universe there is nothing at all to talk about

If you follow my lead, we will say that 2 seems more likely to be true. If people want to add “stuff” to the horizon of the universe, keep adding by all means. Whatever is assumed to exist outside existence is immediately inside anyway. To go futher out of here equals going further inside here. In whatever direction you go, if you go far enough, you will find nothing. At the end of the journey, there is always Ein, God, Emptiness, Creation.
I suggest we stay in a place, expanding in space.

So we have this place in free space where the Singularity simply is. And be careful with the “space” attached to the “free”. To understand space we must avoid thinking of it as a void. The Singularity is something at a place of void-ness. To get it right, the Hidu method of Neti Neti is helpful.

What is the void?
Neti Neti!
Where in the void-ness is this place?
Neti Neti!
Into what can the Singularity expand?
Neti Neti!

You see, void-ness means vacant or unoccupied. There is only confusion in trying to define what is actually there in vacancy. Vacant means vacant. Whatever you suggest is there, it is by definition not there. Put something in the void and it is forever gone. Suggest “vacuum potential” and I will nullify it. Say “zero point energy” and I will nullify zero, nullify point and nullify energy. Attach youself to the void and you are pretty vacant.

But to Singularity expansion, void-ness is an excellent place to be in. Especially if your expansion is based on the property of light. As we know, light has a way of propagating in all possible directions, and if all possible directions are vacant, there is zero competition. Please note that “directions” are not a property of void-ness. Remember the nature of void-ness? If we are foolish enough to place our spatial directions, our very own space, in the void, we have forever lost our direction. Don’t do it!

Directions are not expanding into the void. Directions of space are what occupies vacancy. Space is where void was. Do you know why the two, space and void, can never mix? If you have read Nagarjuna upside down, you might say “Because voidness is the intrinsic nature of Everything, the formless within form. Voidness is the emptiness of space, not space itself”. Try again.
The two cannot mix because there is only one, and that is space. One cannot mix with vacancy. This is the problem with attaching meaning to the word “void”. The word itself is of lesser value than what it symbolizes. The real void is not even real.
Nothing has the property of void-ness.
Nothing = Void.
The Singularity cannot possibly expand into the void. Whatever is into the void is gone forever. But it will expand out to the void. So light is Ohr Ein Sof, light without end. The geometry of this is for some other post. I suppose the reader can imagine how the form of “without end” looks like. Hint, it is not linear, nor is it flat.

Endless light is 0, being both 00 and 000. The reason we have limitless 00 before the nothing of 000 is probably this; before expansion, there is not-expansion. It makes no sense to suggest the universe begins at a point of expansion. That’s a contradiction. So because we go backwards in our investigation, after the infinite and eternal light we have now, there is the quality of expansion not yet realized. That quality is Ein Sof 00. In physics, this is called kinetic energy. This is the energy of motion. Ein Sof is the travelling aspect of light. Without it, light is confined in darkness.

Last in line is Ein 000, the ultimate source of Everything. Imagine light to be only of expansive quality. What would it be like? It is hard to imagine that because it requires us to do away with any notion of speed. The speed of light is 299 792 458 metres per second. Now that is fast, but compared to expansion only…
If there is only expansion and vacancy, notions of expansion becomes meaningless. Expansion implies a motion from something being “small” to become “bigger”. But how can something be “small”, or at a place, if there exists only expansion? That makes no sense at all. If light is the beginning of Everything, the beginning requires that which is opposite to expansion. Enter the Ein 000.

One reason I find the teaching of Ein Sof Ohr to be helpful is the symbolism in:

It challanges you to think creatively, to wrap your head around the concept instead of trying to push the concept into your head. It begins with 3 which is weird. We usually begin with 1, or even worse, with 0. This teaching points to the ultimate source as being the most powerful. This story of creation says –
Three Two One GO!
I guess physics will relate to this as  potential energy”, which of course is absolutely correct. In addition to the kinetic energy of expansion, we must have the potential energy of contraction. The potential of contraction is the strongest force of all. But do not confuse this with the conventional idea of potential energy being created by applying “work” in order to “displace” an object. In the system of singularities, the is no “worker” and no “heat loss”. Those ideas comes from the relative perspective of 19:th century industrialism.

So in light, as in the Singularity, there is 000 and 00 which makes the One 0. As the potential of One is realized and manifested, we get:
3 times of positive directions which are 10/22, 0/12, 2/14
3 times of negative directions which are 4/16, 6/18, 8/20
and this is all we need to create and propagate This as Existence of space shaped in times.

The 3 directions would not be all directions if there was only 1 time. As we know, the hands of time points not only to 0,2,4 but also at 6,8,10. From the singular origo of origin, the center of the clock face, what points to 0 (up) must also point to 6 (down), what points to 2 (up right) must also point to 8 (down left), and what points to 4 (down right) must also point to 10 (up left).
As there is day, there must also be night.