The Flesh


For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.
1 Corinthians 12:12

Members of the One Flesh – How blind are you when hiding from Itself?
Wandering in the dark you are…
Ghosts to Itself…

Meditation is about re-membering what Ego has dis-membered.
Meditation is the gathering of lost sheep.
The One Body is the Shepherd.
Calling itself.
The Grail seeking for the thirsty Wanderers.
Re-member this severed Body.
Re-member, that it cannot be dis-membered.
It cannot call back what was never lost.
The meditation of re-call is how the One Body calls itself.

Listen –
Who am I?
Who said that?
Is there any body listening?

Say –
It is a riddle!
It is the ear that asks the questions!

Here is the final call;
The caller never was for real.

Just the experience of how it is like to be called “Me”
How does a dis-membered Ghost answer such a call?

It does not answer.
It cannot answer.
Not a Ghost.

Only the Spirit of Knowledge can answer.

But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated Me without reason.
When the Advocate comes, whom I will send you from the Father — the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father — He will testify about Me.
And you also must testify, because you have been with Me from the beginning.…

John 15:26

And by this, “you” will not believe Me.
The Ghost only Believes in what is not Me.
The Ghost believes in preachers and prophets.
The Ghost believes in self proclaimed truth tellers.
There are none.
There is only One Member.

This is a reminder of Christ Mass.
E=mc2 is My present.



Doing the Being

It does what it is
It need not “do” what it “does”
It “does” what it is
The action is of the agent, being the agent
Being need not be “done”
It just is
What it is, is what it “does”

This is not what we believe to be true
Not-believing is not “done” by us
We are disbelief
We are uncertainty
We are not absolutely sure
Therefore, we are also creation,
while not “creating” anything at all

Creation is of novelties
so we are the excitement with news
Always excited by new novelties
Mind is most of all creative
so mind creates
It cannot stop “doing” what it is
Only by being still
Creations of mind comes to a halt
But there is no “you” that can “do” the stillness
Either it is, or it is not

Scientists that are not knowing this
cannot “do” knowledge of this
Therefore, they “do” novelties ad infinitum
They cannot be stopped
and they do not mind this
because they are not mindful
of what is

So they believe in creation and “doing”
There are fields that does
There are dimensions that does
There are particles that does
There are objects that does
There are scientists that does
and data that does a “show”
Data shows

But reality has no doer of what is real
Reality realizes by simply being real
This is the hard part for creative mind to understand
Understanding and knowing is not done
by an entity that does the understanding and knowing
There is knowing or there is not knowing
Science is embracing not-knowing
Because creation stops with knowing
In the stillness of mind
there is only countinous change
The still mind creates nothing
It simply responds to the flow of change
It knows this by being this-ness
and it can only be when no doer is there to mind it

That’s the paradox

The still mind, not occupied with “doing” the stillness,
is a mind in a continous flow of change
A still mind is not separate from an external flow
A still mind is not a separate mind
It is a momentary expression of whatever flows
where the still mind is

The still mind knows the real flow
by being the real flow
in the momentary shape of “mind”
A tree is also a momentary shape of flow
but a tree is not a mind
so they respond in their subjective, unique way
A tree is tree-ing the flow
A mind is mind-ing the flow

To mind the fundament of reality
is to mind being one as be-coming two
Being one is what this is
We can label that “form”
Form is what it is
To be coming is what it does
We can label that “formless”
The flow requires the one to act
so being one is never enough
If one is one, it cannot flow
One also needs to be the coming of one
Being one is to be coming one
over and over agin

Being one is not being two
That is the simple nature of the unified field of entanglement
There are no lose parts or isolated systems
One is unbreakable says the scientists
But “one” is just a quantity
and quantity is never enough
We must add the quality of one to know one correctly
The quality of one is to come
To come and come and yet again come
One adjoint operation of one
coming and going
Being the coming back to itself
Thus reality be-comes realized

Looking at how one begins its cycle of be-coming one
it looking at singularity
Singularity is not of form
Singularity is no thing
Neither is it nothing
Singularity is formless action
Singularity is time without space
The Arrow of time is a measure of the flowing
not of what flows
The flow of one, coming back to itself,
is not a linear arrow pointing in a particular direction
To come into its being, the arrow of time must be circular
The hands of time must wrap around its being
Have you seen a clock?
I have …

Time is frequency of rotation
It is a measure of how many times
one comes back to one
The zero of time is not between 11 and 1
The zero of time is at the spinning center
in the face of being
from zero emerges the hands of time
From origo stretches the hands of the original face
A clockwork reality
that never fails

Out of no “thing”
in the very middle of no “where”
there is the quality of formless action
Out of zero comes the being
of this One.

The initial state is a no-state
The zero time action is a trait
Singularity is the coming of what becomes the being
One formless flow of many forms
of this One

It begins with a quality
the quality is two faced
One is contraction
One is extension
One is: extended contraction
Contraction causes many forms of one
Extension causes the many of one to flow
Reality is the one effect
Reality is spaced out time

Just be the looking at it!



The Sweet Spot of Mind

Everything we know of Everything is backwards.
We believe the observable Newtonian reality to be non-relativistic and 
We believe the quantum reality to be relativistic and unpredictable.
Sorry for spoiling your weekend, but you are looking at it without seeing it.

But if you’ve played golf, you know that a swing which consistently generates a socket (hitting bottom of shaft so ball goes out the window) is extremely valuable. To always hit the perfect sweet spot, you just have to correct your stance a little bit.
Consistency is the Holy Grail, not the apperance of actual motion.

I aim at the fundamental stance in relation to Everything. Not at a theory to appear valid or credible. I don’t shoot shots. I make the effort of keeping it simple and repeatedly consistent. As in meditation, so in theory.
Do it consistently and your head eventually begins to spin.
Let it spin faster and faster, and there will be light on the count to 3.
From there, you can wrap your head around Everything without having to do it. It just happens.

That perspective is the sweet spot of mind.