A Wakening of the Dead



Jesus Teaches Nicodemus

1.Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of the Jewish ruling council.

He came to Jesus at night and said, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with him.”

Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

“How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!”

Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.

You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’

The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”

“How can this be?” Nicodemus asked.

10 “You are Israel’s teacher,” said Jesus, “and do you not understand these things?

11 Very truly I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony.

12 I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?

13 No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man.

14 Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up,

15 that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.”

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.


  1. Nicodemus was confused from this teaching. After all, Nicodemus was a man of separation, a Pharisee, and thus he was extremely intelligent and analytic in his understanding. Therefore, Jesus teachings were hard for him to make sense of. Like a child knows, he knew that once you are born from your mother’s womb, you will not be born again. It has never been observed, the second coming out of ones mothers womb. No matter his efforts of deepening the analysis of Jesus words, he came to the same conclusion – a grown man is simply too big to get in there. And there were other problems too, apart from empirical measures of adult size relative to women vagina. To be born once more, you must first be killed or kill yourself. Now, who would be so stupid to kill himself first, just so he could be born again? To Nicodemus, such a procedure seemed terribly inefficient, almost a total waste of both time and effort. Further, what mother in her right mind would allow her dead child to be stuffed up her birth canal? That would be like making it a death canal. Pretty gross, thought Nicodemus, the learned and rational man. A true separatist he was, and he made clear distinction between possible and impossible. An early proponent of empirical science he was. However a Monarch Jesus was, sometimes he was just royally bullshitting you.

    2. And what about the “water and spirit” thing? Nicodemus knew perfectly well that for a man to be born, his parents are required to shag some in order to get the work done. Sometimes a lot, depending on whatever it was that made the gooey stuff become a baby. But water and spirit…? Perhaps Jesus was just polite enough to avoid dirty words, so he said “water” meaning “semen” and “spirit” instead of “horny”? That could be it, Nicodemus thought. Everything has a natural explanation, Nicodemus thought. Jesus speaks in metaphors, Nicodemus thought.

    3. Nicodemus had a habit of thinking a lot. He was less familiar with listening. When it came to understanding, Nicodemus was ambivalent. On the one hand, understanding was the most important aspect of knowledge. On the other hand, understanding was from interpretation of facts, and empirical facts were always superior to the interpretation of facts. Interpretation is just speculation, Nicodemus thought.

    4. Flesh giving birth to flesh, that was the kind of teaching Nicodemus thought of as valuable and reliable. That statement could be observed and verified. Not that he officially would admit such a field study to be rather interesting, even exciting, but in his mind he could see it happen. Flesh + Flesh = Flesh was a valid equation, possible to falsify. But spirit + water = spirit seemed an odd one to say the least.

    5. And then the teaching of leaves and winds, and implying that a learned man like Nicodemus had no idea of where the wind came from or where it was going. That was close to insulting the intelligence of the separatist Pharisee. Of course he knew that! It is very easy to set up a measuring device showing where the wind comes from and in which direction it blows. From east to west, for example. A why would that have anything to do with anything, especially with the notion of being “born again” from “the spirit”? For all the signs Jesus had accomplished, his theory was questionable. Perhaps Jesus was a damn good magician, Nicodemus thought. But he kept his analysis to himself.

    6. How can this be? Nicodemus asked.

    7. Jesus, being of patience and wisdom, did not take up the 4×4 lying on the ground beside them. He did not hit Nicodemus over the head with it. He did not scream to Nicodemus – You stupid fuck! Grow up Goddamit, and stop asking as if you were 6 months old and had to put everything in your mouth to understand it.

    8. Jesus was the Teacher, not the Accuser, so instead he said – How disturbing it is to learn that the alleged teacher of Israel does not have in him the Spirit of Teaching. How sad his understanding is only of fleshy objects. How unfortunate the teacher of Israel is teaching hands-on, without having his head-on.

    9. Jesus now experienced what every Jesus will experience when teaching a separatist. He started to doubt the ability of Nicodemus to hear the teaching at all. Jesus suspected his audience would forever reject any notion of a truth that goes beyond, below, around and inside the relative truth of fleshy objects in relation to each other. It did not seem to help communication if he related the spiritual aspect of truth to the earthy aspect, as to bridge the invisible to what the audience have had in their own mouths and thus had faith in. He began to suspect the separatists did not believe in anything at all, had faith in nothing.

    10. Jesus thought- They think they know. That is why they detest belief and faith. Whatever testimony of Godlike breath, of Unity, of Oscillations and Fundamental Action, they will detest such testimony. They will die only when the taste of death is in their mouths. They do not want to be reborn in Spirit, because they detest Spirit. They only want what the flesh can offer. They want to be born in flesh and to die in flesh. All they want is as much as possible of earthy possessions in the lifetime they believe to be theirs.

    11. Believing they are fleshy objects, they are attached to objects.

    12. Jesus said – Hey Nick, let me put it this way: If you come, you must go and if you go, you will come back, and once you’re back, yet again you must go. Can you sense a pattern in this? Can you elevate your learned analysis a wee bit over the “You”-word? Can you, just as a thought experiment, make the assumption that “You” are not the point of this teaching? Can you for once in your miserable life accept that this is not about “You”, but of what actually happens, of what is True, regardless of what “You” believe yourself to know?

    13. This Nicodemus was unable to do. Instead, he felt accused of being stupid and ignorant. He became more defensive than before. He began thinking of Jesus as an annoying Mr. Know-It-All. He started detesting Jesus. Nicodemus started an argument.

    14. Nicodemus said – You talk about my coming and going while I myself has never experienced such a coming and going. How can I know you are not just speculating?

    15. You cannot know, said Jesus, knowing where this would end, but still patient.

    16. So of what value is a teaching of something I cannot know for sure? Of what use is it to just believe in some truth which can never be verified or confirmed by means of repeated experimental measurements?

    17. Of no use at all, said Jesus.

    18. Then I find it useless to keep listening to your so called “teaching”. You are actually wasting My time, and disrespecting My intelligence. Of no use your teaching is. That was the understanding of the separatist.

    19. Being of no use, it might still be of great value, said Jesus. But you Nicodemus are obviously not concerned with value, but with utility.

    20. You see…well, you don’t see, but eventually you will see, that inside what is of utility is its value, and without that value, utilities are ultimately useless.

    21. So it is with the useful, busy body of Nicodemus, that without being born in Spirit, it is of no use to you know Who. Without Spirit, Nicodemus is only of use to Nicodemus. To Nicodemus of the Flesh, the flesh of Nicodemus is the most valuable and precious asset in the whole of existence. That is why Nicodemus of the Flesh fears death more than anything else.

    22. Fear of death is why Nicodemus eats so many apples. Choke on apples Nicodemus of the Flesh will. Angry with the witness of being the apple tree Nicodemus of the Flesh will be.

    23. Of being the apple eaten it is, and of eating the apple it is. A tree of Life it is. My testimony is of realizing the Tree of Life. My teaching is a present moment, and in this present moment is the Tree of Life.

    24. Now ask yourself, you Nicodemus of the Epirical Flesh, why do you so stubbornly detest this testimony? Why do you detest the present moment while concerning yourself with your birth and your death? Why does immortality scare you so?

    25. Nicodemus offered no reply to these questions. He was lost in thoughts about debunking and refuting his opponents statements. He was building arguments to prove Jesus wrong. It seemed pretty easy actually. Jesus was contradicting himself consistently, and he could not prove any of his speculations. Jesus was a crackpot for sure.

    26. He said, not without a gleam of the satisfaction which comes from knowing you have cornered your opposition, – So tell me Mr. Jesus, how is it that someone so ignorant and greedy as you have me to be could ever elevate his delusional mind over the flesh you judge to be so inferior to this “spirit” of yours? Nicodemus sensed a rhetoric victory was about to be won. Now Jesus was bound to contradiction.

    27. Jesus, knowing perfectly well the path Nicodemus mind was wandering, said nothing at all. There was nothing to say, because there was nobody listening. The ears of Nicodemus were nothing but hunters and gatherers, looking for something to prey on. Nicodemus did not hear the message at all, but made it food for arguments and further questioning. Intelligent he was, the separatist Pharisee. Way to intelligent for answers to be heard.

    30. This is the verdict: Light is radiance, caused by the action of Singularity. The action of Singularity is contra action to light. I am Light and God is Singularity. That is why I name him “My Father”. This is hard enough for you to understand. That is why I avoid telling the whole truth about my Father. People oppose Light by inventing Darkness, because they miss the point of their origin, which of course is the origin of Everything. Their minds are so conditioned that they divide Gods Singular Unity into Light and Dark, into Life and Death, into Man and Nature, into Body and Spirit, and thus they divide themselves into Actor and Action. But of all divisions, the most powerful is that of Monism by Dualism. Out of that the Dark Force emerges, being the belief that there is a Dark Force. Missing the point of their origin, they act as if manipulating existence at the whims of a will they assume to be theirs. By that, the seemingly many people acts in seemingly many ways, oftentimes in opposite directions to each other. They find no common way of progress by doing so. Instead they fight, kill each other, rob and steal and lie to each other. All this from blind faith in being right while others are wrong. They accuse each other. They judge each other. This I name the work of the Devil. This I name Sin. It is a way of telling them to question Egoism. It is to ask for peace and understanding. It is to help them realize they are of One Action, not of multiple actors. This is why I say the Legions of The Devil are of the Many. So far, I teach to the deaf and blind. They hear me as teaching about a Bad Boy with a poker. They think the Devil is some dark superpower who wishes to gather souls to fuel his basement furnace. They are all Nicodemus of the Flesh, appearing as many. Legions of Nicodemus they are, doing the Devils work. So what is the Devils work? Is it wearing flashy clothes? Is it having a drink? Is it enjoying sex? Is it listening to Heavy Metal music? Is it making money? Is it swearing in church? None of that and all of that. It can just as well be to stand in a priests robe and preach about the enemies of our church. As if the Holy Church was the possession of a separate group of individuals. That is the Devils work, to divide the individuals as to have them believe in separation. There is no Devil doing any work. If we allow ourselves to imagine the existence of an actual entity being “The Devil”, s/he need not do any work at all, but to have people believe that Original Unity is dividable and possible to multiply. That installs in mind the separation of man from nature, of me from you and us from them. And so the enemy appears. Everyone who acts, based on this lie, hates the possibility of realizing there was no darkness, no enemies, because such insight would reveal him as an Idiot. All his truths will be detested by realization of the Unity we can name God. Realizing the Spirit of One Body, he looks straight into the Bulls Eye, and it becomes all too clear that his previous actions have all missed the mark. His deeds are thus exposed to be of “sin”. The Eye of the Bull is empty. But whoever lives by knowing there are only gradients of Light will never wander in the dark, for s/he knows there is no darkness more than there is the Devil. Knowing all to be the Enlightenment of Singularity is knowing all to be the Sun of God. Knowing this, the separate actor translates to the individual action. Being the individual action, there is the truth of eternal coming and going. The individual, undividable action is of ascending and descending, from and to its source. Jesus is how God appears, and this appearance is not of a separate teacher or Godlike individual. It is of all appearance, all teachers, all creatures, all stars and all atoms. The many bodies are all of the same body as it enlightens itself by coming and going. So tell me Nicodemus, who are you if not Jesus in the eyes of God? Who is it that is afraid of being Enlightenment? Is the second coming the coming of a second, or is it the coming of the First? Tell me Nicodemus, how many seconds can come before the final Hour?

    60. By this, Nicodemus silenced. By that, silenced was the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. By that, silenced was the Devil. By the silencing of opposition, the Heavens of Hell and the Hells of Heaven broke up with a thunderous roar. Nicodemus could finally enter himself. Now he new nothing. Now he was everything. As everything and nothing, the Buddha comes and goes.

    90. Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Jesus who was a member of the Jewish ruling council. He came to Nicodemus at night and said, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God. For no one could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with him.” Nicodemus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

    0. “How can someone be born when they are old?” Jesus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!”

    00. “How can someone be born when they are old?” Jesus asked.

    000. How can someone be born in and out of One?





In the beginning was The Joke

Iok-o- is The Word, and according to Jewish narrative, this Word is at the beginning.
Iok-o-ing is Creation.
Truth is a burden, a yoke.
That is why we must be taught to laugh at it, to dance in it.
To let the Iok-o-, the Joke and the Yoke be upon us.

The Head God is the Joker, an oscillator of compresssion
of radiance
of tension and

The Iok-o- is done to excite laughter, not fear and ignorance.
As we laugh, new words create new worlds, or rather change in the One World.
It begins with excitement.
The calling forth of the cause of standing.
Existence is exciting.

Who the hell said religion is boring?
It is the gathering of boring parts into One exciting Party.
Don’t listen to them.
They are Ghosts.

The Flesh


For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.
1 Corinthians 12:12

Members of the One Flesh – How blind are you when hiding from Itself?
Wandering in the dark you are…
Ghosts to Itself…

Meditation is about re-membering what Ego has dis-membered.
Meditation is the gathering of lost sheep.
The One Body is the Shepherd.
Calling itself.
The Grail seeking for the thirsty Wanderers.
Re-member this severed Body.
Re-member, that it cannot be dis-membered.
It cannot call back what was never lost.
The meditation of re-call is how the One Body calls itself.

Listen –
Who am I?
Who said that?
Is there any body listening?

Say –
It is a riddle!
It is the ear that asks the questions!

Here is the final call;
The caller never was for real.

Just the experience of how it is like to be called “Me”
How does a dis-membered Ghost answer such a call?

It does not answer.
It cannot answer.
Not a Ghost.

Only the Spirit of Knowledge can answer.

But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated Me without reason.
When the Advocate comes, whom I will send you from the Father — the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father — He will testify about Me.
And you also must testify, because you have been with Me from the beginning.…

John 15:26

And by this, “you” will not believe Me.
The Ghost only Believes in what is not Me.
The Ghost believes in preachers and prophets.
The Ghost believes in self proclaimed truth tellers.
There are none.
There is only One Member.

This is a reminder of Christ Mass.
E=mc2 is My present.


To have ones mind changed

When believe something, I really believe that. Until I don’t. Then I really believe something else. If I believe that I know X, I will act as if that was true. As if I really knew X. If I believe I don’t know X, I will act as if that was true. As if I really don’t know X.
What X really is, X only knows.
X is probably X.

Since I was old enough to contemplate existence and what existence really is, I have gone through a lot of beliefs, and I promise you, I believed them all equally much. One such belief was that the story of Big Bang was totally unbelievable. I found, and still find, a thousand reasons not to believe it. I will spare you the details, and I’m sure you know most of them. Or so I really believe anyway.

Come a moment in life when a certain belief changes shape and colour. It might still be the same belief, but something has drastically changed. In the case of my dis-belief in the Big Bang story, the change is not the Big Bang itself, but what the Big Bang is about. Suddenly I find myself believing it was actually so. It was a Big Bang-ish event which kicked off the universe as we know it. But having learned more about the concepts involved and how we argue about them, I have found that the problem is not the Big Bang but how the story is told. It is as unbeliavable today as it has been for all of my life. But today I believe myself to know better why the story sounds like science fiction and why it doesn’t make any sense.

The Big Bang story suffers credibility mainly because we cannot tell the story of singularity in a reasonable way. And since singularity is a “big” player in Einsteins wonderful universe of relativity, we think it is BIG. We forget that the singularity might just be a player, and the size comes from the way it plays. We understand universe from our point of view. Science prides itself of being objective and non-egocentric, but that’s educated bullshit.
A measuring device might be objective, but the detectors don’t interpret data.
A computer tells no story and explains nothing.
It computes.
A scientist is not objective.
A scientist is a scientist.

Today I believe in the so called Big Bang, but that is not from what science tells me about it. What has changed my mind is what science doesn’t tell me. It says a lot about singularities in theory. There’s a library full of books on singularity.
Gravitational singularity.
Mathematical singularity.
Naked singularity.
Technological singularity.
Then we are told “No one knows a singularity. It is beyond description. The laws of the universe break down in the singularity. It writes its own laws and we have no access to the laws of the singularity

Then I think this: They are looking at God.

The way mind responds to the singularity reminds me of how it responds to some imagined entity which is supposed to be The Beginning.
“In the beginning there was” ….and then the stories diverge. But they are trying to describe the same event.
The Beginning.
After all the books are written, all arguments thrown on the table, all storytellers end their tale with a common disclaimer:
-The Beginner of Beginning is not to be understood.
-The Singular God is beyond conventional mind of mankind.
Still, they have their theories of what this unknown creator created first.
Bible says that “heaven and earth” cames first.
Science prefer to begin with “light”.
Bible says “God did it”.
Science says “We don’t know, but we’re working on it”.

Then I encountered the Monopole and it changed my mind.
It was a Big Bang-ish event.
Heaven and earth is probably prior to light, but light is true while heaven and earth is a metaphor. Both camps win. Both camps lose. Fair deal. At least fair enough methinks.
The discription of a Monopole fits the Wanted! ad to a T.

One undetectable character
One force to unite them all
A master of disguise
Extremely powerful
Carries a Holy Grail full of answers
Description: Looks a lot like “Nothing”

So what is a “monopole” then?
It is what it is.
A monopole is a monopole.
I have no addition to what wikipedia says, and you can look that up for yourself.
The question is – how well does that descripition fit the descriptions of God and Singularity. That’s a matter of opinion and belief.
Today, in my opinion, I believe God is a Monopole Singularity.
I believe in Gods, Monopoles and Singularities.
Heureka as well as Halleujah.
I believe One multiplies as many Ones.
I believe many Ones does This.
I believe the many Ones are of two faces/phases.
All of One (not “in” One)
All as Once (not “at” once)

But only in The Beginning is the One all alone.
So One breaks into Light
Light enlightens all forms of reality
Reality is this Enlightenment
One shines as many Ones
One eventually gathers itself
The many Ones again becomes the Only One
Light returns itself to the source
The One Pole attracts every Little One
Then…what we cannot understand, because there is no “where” to stand.
There are no relatives to the One Alone, so theories of relativity are silenced.
There are no quantities, so quantum theory are silenced.
As a fact, “there” does not apply.
As a fact, “is” does not apply.
As a fact, “One” does not apply.
What applies is Action. That does it. Action.
Not action potential because this reality can not be. It has to be.
Reality must be inevitably enforced, not optional.
Option implies a choise, a decision and intention. Believing this is so, God, Singularity and Monople line up to enter stage. But there is no stage and no One to enter.
Stage One comes later. Big comes with the Bang, but not yet.

This is what makes it difficult to describe. We are trying to imagine action without an actor. We know there is no one physically there to do it, but we know it is done.
So we imagine Force, which is not that hard. But then the mistake of mind.
We attatch some thing that is forceful, as to “have” force.
Always looking for the doer of what is done.
God is forceful
Singularities are forceful
Monopoles are forceful
We believe that if there is force, some thing has to be full of it.
If there is walking, there has to be a walker.

Today I believe that as The Beginning was what walks the walker.
The coming of what comes.
The going of what goes.
The around of all.

The Beginning comes around and goes around
Today that is…


Doing the Being

It does what it is
It need not “do” what it “does”
It “does” what it is
The action is of the agent, being the agent
Being need not be “done”
It just is
What it is, is what it “does”

This is not what we believe to be true
Not-believing is not “done” by us
We are disbelief
We are uncertainty
We are not absolutely sure
Therefore, we are also creation,
while not “creating” anything at all

Creation is of novelties
so we are the excitement with news
Always excited by new novelties
Mind is most of all creative
so mind creates
It cannot stop “doing” what it is
Only by being still
Creations of mind comes to a halt
But there is no “you” that can “do” the stillness
Either it is, or it is not

Scientists that are not knowing this
cannot “do” knowledge of this
Therefore, they “do” novelties ad infinitum
They cannot be stopped
and they do not mind this
because they are not mindful
of what is

So they believe in creation and “doing”
There are fields that does
There are dimensions that does
There are particles that does
There are objects that does
There are scientists that does
and data that does a “show”
Data shows

But reality has no doer of what is real
Reality realizes by simply being real
This is the hard part for creative mind to understand
Understanding and knowing is not done
by an entity that does the understanding and knowing
There is knowing or there is not knowing
Science is embracing not-knowing
Because creation stops with knowing
In the stillness of mind
there is only countinous change
The still mind creates nothing
It simply responds to the flow of change
It knows this by being this-ness
and it can only be when no doer is there to mind it

That’s the paradox

The still mind, not occupied with “doing” the stillness,
is a mind in a continous flow of change
A still mind is not separate from an external flow
A still mind is not a separate mind
It is a momentary expression of whatever flows
where the still mind is

The still mind knows the real flow
by being the real flow
in the momentary shape of “mind”
A tree is also a momentary shape of flow
but a tree is not a mind
so they respond in their subjective, unique way
A tree is tree-ing the flow
A mind is mind-ing the flow

To mind the fundament of reality
is to mind being one as be-coming two
Being one is what this is
We can label that “form”
Form is what it is
To be coming is what it does
We can label that “formless”
The flow requires the one to act
so being one is never enough
If one is one, it cannot flow
One also needs to be the coming of one
Being one is to be coming one
over and over agin

Being one is not being two
That is the simple nature of the unified field of entanglement
There are no lose parts or isolated systems
One is unbreakable says the scientists
But “one” is just a quantity
and quantity is never enough
We must add the quality of one to know one correctly
The quality of one is to come
To come and come and yet again come
One adjoint operation of one
coming and going
Being the coming back to itself
Thus reality be-comes realized

Looking at how one begins its cycle of be-coming one
it looking at singularity
Singularity is not of form
Singularity is no thing
Neither is it nothing
Singularity is formless action
Singularity is time without space
The Arrow of time is a measure of the flowing
not of what flows
The flow of one, coming back to itself,
is not a linear arrow pointing in a particular direction
To come into its being, the arrow of time must be circular
The hands of time must wrap around its being
Have you seen a clock?
I have …

Time is frequency of rotation
It is a measure of how many times
one comes back to one
The zero of time is not between 11 and 1
The zero of time is at the spinning center
in the face of being
from zero emerges the hands of time
From origo stretches the hands of the original face
A clockwork reality
that never fails

Out of no “thing”
in the very middle of no “where”
there is the quality of formless action
Out of zero comes the being
of this One.

The initial state is a no-state
The zero time action is a trait
Singularity is the coming of what becomes the being
One formless flow of many forms
of this One

It begins with a quality
the quality is two faced
One is contraction
One is extension
One is: extended contraction
Contraction causes many forms of one
Extension causes the many of one to flow
Reality is the one effect
Reality is spaced out time

Just be the looking at it!



Good Religion

Stockholm City 17:PM
Cool breeze and sun is…well, “up”. Elevated in all directions I am. Down as well. Space makes no big deal of either way. It’s the ways making space anyway.
After Forever is a damn good title of a poem pointing at God. Ozzy didn’t write that one. Geezer did, catholic and all. Perhaps alcoholic too? It’s just different modes of escapism I guess. A man in the middle of the square believing he’s been saved by Jesus. Screaming about it. Sounds quite urgent to me, and less comforting. As if he was still at risk of …dying?
Nope, Jesus died so we may live. And the man clearly said:
“The Lord Jesus Christ saved my life for I was a sinner and heading towards disaster”.
He didn’t say Hell, but that would have put a little zest to it. People are born and raised in disasterous conditions. Some live their whole lives hardly knowing not-disaster.  To them, it’s life. Not disaster.
We adapt and evolve. Best adapters win. Most think fitness equals sixpack ab’s and a tan. That’s minds disaster, and JC can’t fix that.
So the square saviour probably ment that he, for some reason unknown, got fed up with being a jerk. Then, for another equally unknown reason, he was forced to adapt to society in a constructive way.
He thinks Jesus did that.
I think he’s guided by a Ghost.
The Ghost says “I was saved by Jesus Christ”, and the screaming flesh in the square just responds to the Ghosts instructions.
Sounds cruel and misantropic doesn’t it? Well, if you too have a Ghost in the flesh it does. It hates being exposed. It cannot be. The Ghost is the inner voice saying “This guy is a misantropic gloomball. Erase his confused ramblings. DefuckingLete”.
But killing your Self to live actually pays off. In the longer run.
After as well as Before.

I should stop there. It was a semi-cool finish. But I can’t let the Lord of Light just hang out there to dry. I know Him too well. He’ll never dry.
You know why?
Because it is He who does the drying, that’s why.
The Ghost is just messin’ inside that head it pretends to be Yours. You and “Your” mind? Listen to it.
What a terrible joke Ego is.

Look, Jesus is Light. Light is everywhere. Light walks by your side whether you call it the Sun of God or photons. There’s no escaping the Lord of Photons.
Light is electromagnetic radiance, permeating all of Universe. It’s the emission of Singularities. When nailed on a cross, or stopped by a physical media as contemporary religion will have it, light is either reflected/denied or absorbed/embraced. If the You media accepts the light hitting you “from above”, it dies in your arms. Offering its energy to you. Without it, we all die. If you deny it, light will save you anyway.
The radiance of Christ Photons does not judge one as being better than the other. It brings life to us all.
When our bodies are sufficiently worn out, the contracted radiance who made us will eventually return to its source. The fearful entities known as Black Holes. How could we not be scared by Them?
By knowing Them to straighten us out of course. We need to be uncontracted and sorted out properly. Unless the Gods do that, how could we be re-issued as Enlightenment of the Universe?
That’s the true story of the Suns and their Fathers. A lot of guys and no women you say? Well, guys have guns and will travel. That seems to be our thing. We create stuff and wreck stuff. On the road again.
But listen, the story has a Mother too. Physics call her The Unified Field of General Relativity.
We might call her Everything.
Or simply Matter.
Einstein wrote the Mother Theory. Others wrote about the Mechanics, the guys.

One for the Mother
Two for the Show
Three in the Bible
Let’s go go go

I say: don’t you
believe what people say.
Trust in what they are talking about.
Have faith, but beware of the Ghost.
It creates and destroys at its own egoistic will.

Bad Religion is My religion.
Now the Weavers are known and we’re all the looming of Matter.

Let There be Rocks

The Big before the Bang, where no thing’s ready made
A cool 1 in its resting state, is spinning in the shade

As 1 is all contractive, 1 is also glue
As 1 is spinning faster, 1 will soon be 2

The some of every thing, the rolling of the rock
The poetry of motion, is why we don’t get stuck

The universal DJ, the Doctor of the spin
Is not external to us, but neither found within

The Gods of gravitation is twisted as can be
Billions little DJ’s, spinning you and me

Everything arises, in the in-betweens
of countless little DJ’s, nowhere to be seen

They play the cosmic music of this great event
Behind event horizons, where time and space is bent

So seekers keep on seeking, join them if you please
I am done re-searching, the holes that makes the cheese

The Black Hole Gods are mighty, the Pointy Gods are not
Together they are emptiness and this is what they’ve got:

The Rolling of every Rock
The Everything of Every Thing
The Becoming of what Is

Do ya do ya do ya do ya wanna dance?