Infinite shades of gray

The wormhole debate rages on, and out of it pops one universe after another. I have my head full of this here universe so I though it would be a good thing to compress and condence the arguments a bit so answers can expand beyond todays beating around the black bush.  After all, I’d like to be able to explain reality to my 7 year old in a somewhat sensible and reasonable way. With todays theories, that’s far from even remotely possible.

In my image, we can begin with what we have in our current universe, and that is parity. Any observable object is, I claim, a combination of at least 2 fundamental units and that would be a “photon”. I’ll leave singularity of monopoles out for now, but if you know 2 you will eventually know 1. And if you know 1, you will eventually know that 1 is a two-phased joker and that trinity/threeunity is what matters. 

In the image below you can think of the red surfaces as shades of gray which (a) comes out of white holes and (b) disappears into black holes. An electromagnetic wave is a parity of 2 such units, both oscillating between being black/white. That’s why the em-wave is both electric and magnetic in opposite directions.

The perhaps deepest pitfall in the image is to fall for the habit of understanding everything in terms of extensions. That’s why current models insist on making “time” appear as “space”. If we do that, the image becomes both twisted and unreasonably complex. So we take the math of it, which is likely to be very accurate, and then we confuse the math of time with the math of space, and draw a picture that is of space properties only. What we get is a number of geometries that makes no sense at all in the classical world of surfaces. But as mathematical expressions based on spatial dimension only, I’m sure they are correct.
All of them.

My geometry is simpler. Much simpler. It is so simple that it has to be totally wrong by current standards.
That’s because current standards are totally wrong by actual standards.
Actual standards are in my opinion unbelievably simple.
If you just invert you perspective and conventional interpretations, the usual definitions of black or white might translate to undefinable shades of gray.


We can understand Black as the sphere of zero space extension, and White as the perimeter of the extended surface. Inside sphere is entropy 1. At surface perimeter is entropy 0. Black is totally relaxed while White is tension/compression. Reality is never fixed at either/or. It oscillates between being more or less this or that. Only intelligence of mind separates reality into either this or that. It has to separate in order to know. Therefore, it will never know by being intelligent. Nor by being stupid. Simply unified is the way. 


Wormhole as polarized currency

For what it’s worth, this is how I understand the now popular ER=ERP conjecture and the nature of wormholes “between” objects.




lThe way I see it, the mysterious wormholes are not tunnels through space at all. I see no reason to believe the imagined objects communicates “through” a media connection that has the property of space. To say that just leads to new mysteries and conceptual problems. Instead, let’s assume that the objects, on a quantum level, have to modes/phases where one is of space and the other of time. If so, the units are entangled by simply being in the same “place” when not being in their respective extended phases. In this scenarion, every pair of monopoles (there are no single monopoles) continously flips between being local and non-local, and they do so at the speed of light. That’s because the inversion point, the critical limit when one phase flips to the other, is exactly C. In other words, C is determined by the fundamental units phase inversion as it cycles through polarized contraction >C and charged extension <C. The “boundary” between time and space is then =C. Therefore, C is when the frequency of “time” extends enough to materialize as the wavelength of “space”.
Again, both phases/dimensions are of the same system and thus like the heads/tails of a single coin. That is why frequency and wavelength are always proportional.

Can you see how the “bridge” between the 2 is essentially non-local frequency of time?
Can you see how all extended surfaces are always connected in the same non-locality?
Can you see how all observables are connected at the same time?
Can you see why light in special relativity has all space but zero time?
Can you see why black holes can be eternally nowhere?
Can you see that “in-between” is irrelevant to non-locality?

No you can’t, because you insist that monopoles are impossible and that time must be measured in space in order to be understood correctly. You also believe reality cannot be gauge invariant, and that which cannot be measured/dimensioned as space to be “supernatural” and speculative.
Therefore you will keep looking for “where” objects are connected and what the wormhole is made of.

So you can never even consider that the wormholes are in fact what the measured objects are when contracted/polarized out of space. But believe me, if all the fundamental units contracted in synch, our universe would become an instant singularity, poof, just like that. Since they dont, there is always enough of them in extended phase as to generate what appears to be a rather stable and continous reality.
But at the speed of light, reality comes and goes.
Out of time, into space.
Out of space, in time.

So there is your “dark” energy, hiding from observation by being the frequency of time which is inherent in Everything. The mystery of time is why we insist it must be “seen” as separate to “space” in order for us to understand it.

Still running the fools errand…